Sgt Sanda 3

police cartoon

Sgt Sanda 2 here

Sergeant collected his double salary at the end of February after enduring a barren and dry-seasoned two month. He added the ‘esusu‘ which was his turn and invested everything in a not-so-fairly- used bus.

He was over the moon and the vehicle became his new love. The bus was ‘pimped’ and decorated with different stickers, most visible of which on the rear windscreen was “SANDA 1”.

He used the bus for commercial purpose whenever he was off duty and on days when the opportunity arose to make cool cash after the ever heavy Lagos rains.

Sanda took the bus on a fateful Saturday morning to do some quick business before the start of the monthly environmental sanitation. The sight of people at various bus stops waiting for buses, and rushing to beat the sanitation was an alluring proposition that he could not turn down. These people needed ‘help’.

Sergeant and a few of his colleagues had this joke about Lagosians descending from Russians due to the mad rush associated with many typical residents of the state. He personally referred to them as “LaRushians”.

Making a mental calculation of how much he could make between the hours of five and seven when the sanitation exercise would start, he rubbed his hands with glee at the prospect of having more ‘coins’ to drink more ‘shekpe‘ later in the evening.

Ajadi (you remember him? Ajadi’s story one and Ajadi’s story two here was really having his usual migraine as a result of high ‘shekpe‘ consumption. He was really scared of the so called ebola thing because rumours had it that it kills faster than the almighty HIV. Fausa that he intended ‘doing‘ over the weekend was now out of the show because of the fear of ebola.

“Can’t someone quickly get a condom-like material to prevent this stupid ebola? The thing dey dull person jare”, he mused.

Still musing, he sighted one bus that was about to pull out of the park. As he was not working till after the sanitation, he sprang to his feet to ‘roger‘ the bus’ conductor.

The driver warned him to back off but he would not budge. Ajadi insisted on collecting “owo ile” from the conductor. In the resulting argument, the driver alighted and shoved Ajadi from his bus entrance. The conductor joined by giving him a huge slap on the back of the head. Shouting and turning the other way to hit his attacker, the driver hit him yet again and his fierce looking conductor handled Ajadi.

Before long, the typical Lagosian crowd had gathered to watch the pummeling of Ajadi by the driver and his conductor. Women were screaming for the men to separate the bloodied bodies but the onlookers quickly explained that the fear of ebola is the beginning of touch not.

After a while, a Police van appeared and the onlookers took cover. One of the Policemen moved closer in a bid to know what was going on. faced the driver and asked what was going on. A closer look and the driver was recognized as Sergeant Sanda. The guy unconsciously said “Serge, wetin dey happen here. Who be this idiot wey dey drag with you?”

Emboldened by the appearance of his fellow Policemen, Sanda hit Ajadi in the face two more times. At that instant, memories came of the thorough beating he received in the hands of an Army Officer. He moved back and looked at his colleagues with all sense of pride and authority.

Please dee wee dis fool for me. Take him away. Lock the bastard up”. Sanda’s rage was fueled by the fact that the fully loaded bus was now empty. While Ajadi was being dragged into the Police van, Sanda ran after him and the Policemen and beat him repeatedly till he was dumped in the van.

“Jail this foooooooool. He’s a public offender. He’s guilty of assault, breach of public peace, public nuisance”

He pointed his finger at Ajadi and yelled again, “We’ll ‘arrange’ you on Monday, you bastard, we’ll charge you to cell. You will rot in jail, oloriburuku oloshi”.

Sanda was screaming, enraged and embittered because of the way Ajadi had wasted the early morning plans of making money for him. The loss of money he would have made drove his anger more.

The only thing that rang on Ajadi’s mind was how he would cope with detention and the court ‘arrangement’ of Monday.

I don put myself for wahala. So I go become elewon just like that abi? My own don catch me o“.

Isaacola AA


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