Letter from Jacob to Corpers @FeyiAdesanya

(Letter to a youth corps member)

I am Jacob; yes the one in the Bible. Many, many years ago, when I was about your age, I had to leave my parents and the land I grew up for a land and a people strange to me (you remember why I left don’t you?). It was a grand experience for me because up until that time, I had never worked, I was mummy’s pet. Whatever I wanted I got.

While my brother Esau was sweating it out on the field I just stayed back in the tents. I simply did not know what it means to be a man. That life ended the day I left home, reality now stared at me in the eye as if to say “wakeup boy”.

In Laban’s house, if you ever thought of drinking water, you had better think of how to pay for it. Only a corps member can understand what I am saying. It was a different world altogether; hard but full of fun at the same time. Having to relate to a people of different culture, language and belief was no joke but I coped and in fact I loved it. I began to see another side of life- the real side.

The very first day I resumed at my place of primary assignment, I met this beautiful lady; believe me she was an angel, her eyes were just like my mum’s. Trust me I got her name and number, she said her name was Rachael. She seemed to like me too and fortunately for me she was my Boss’ daughter. Without wasting much time I spoke to Mr. Laban her father about marrying her and surprisingly he didn’t object. The dowry was much, I had to work seven years to earn it (anything for love). Little did I know that Nemesis would catch up on me, you know the rest of the story, don’t you? That was how I became a polygamist.

Before I knew what was happening I had worked fourteen years and yet had little to show for it. I was earning a fair salary and in fact it had been reviewed upwards ten times in those years, but remember I had four women, eleven children (Benjamin wasn’t born then) to carter for. I longed to see the end of the month not because I wanted to grow old fast but because of allowance (or allowee as it is called in our local parlance). If I was sick from the first of the month, on the 27th the sickness would leave. But the joy is usually short-lived, by the middle of the next month I was back to zero. It was like that for those fourteen years.

My Boss’ business was doing exceptionally well, he attested to the fact that since I became his manager his business had sky rocketed. But somewhere along the line I rebelled inside of me, I felt like I couldn’t continue like that; the monkey can’t be working for the baboon to eat. No, there had to be a way out.

So one beautiful day (I will never forget that day), it was in the morning as I was having my quiet time. An Idea suddenly dropped into my heart, it was so simple yet profound, and I wondered why I never thought of it before. It was about how I could manipulate the birth order of the animals Laban and sons limited was managing. I knew if I shared the idea with my boss he would steal it (for he was a shrewd man) so I just told him to pay me with stock in place of salary. He innocently jumped at it. He thought he was a trickster, now he has met the supplanter himself (God forgive me). Within a short while my little experiment proved successful so much so that the Labans began to envy. One of his sons even accused me of stealing from their company. Where was he when I was toiling day and night- spoilt little brat.

To cut the long story short, I quit working at LABAN AND SONS LIMITED to start my own company in my hometown. I named it JACOB AND SONS LIMITED but when I became born-again and changed my name I changed the name of the company too. It now bears ISAAC AND SONS PLC. Things have changed now, God has really prospered me but I will never forget those twenty years I spent in Mr. Laban’s house. I heard you are now a corps member, that’s why I wrote this to you, I believe you can learn from my story. One last thing: cheating doesn’t pay (take my story for case-study), you can make it in a cool and honest way like myself.
My regards to the D.G , I pray he will increase your allowance.

I love you

President, The Teacher Ministries

Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. Thelafamily.org/labs. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA


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