Letter from Joseph@FeyiAdesanya

My growing-up days were great, very few youth enjoy the kind of life I did. I was eleventh born of a dozen children yet greatly beloved of my father. Perhaps he loved me that much because my mum was dead or perhaps not, anyway he loved me and didn’t hide it. Nothing I did was ever wrong, the very things father will spank Reuben my eldest brother for, he will commend me for. My brothers knew I was dad’s watchdog so they dared not do anything wrong when I was around. How I enjoyed those days, I wish they could come back again. I remember how on one of my birthday, dad gave me a coat of many colours for a gift, I cherished it so much I only wore it on thanksgiving Sundays.

Then about the time I turned seventeen, I started having these dreams; they were strange and beyond my comprehension. I shared them with my brothers and my father and they somehow seemed to understand it; they said it meant I would become a great ruler so much so that I will rule over this family of mine (including my parents). From the look on my brothers’ faces, I knew that dream had better not come to pass or else… but my father seemed to be different, I heard him say beneath his breath “does this mean that Joseph will rule over me and his mother?”. If I thought my brothers envied me before, now they hated me. I wondered perhaps I should have kept my dreams secret but will you blame me, I was only seventeen.

Before I knew what was going on my brothers conspired to sell me out as a slave and lied to our father I was killed by a bear, they even stained my shirt with blood to further deceive my father (wicked brothers!). Here was I a slave in far away Egypt- different language, different culture, different god. It was in this school I studied management. I was at the top of my class, even Portiphar my master knew it and he put me in charge of his entire household. His wife was a nice woman, little did I know the niceness wasn’t for free- she wanted me a taste of me. It was a tempting offer though but I had been taught fornication as well as any other sin always has a hidden price tag so I fled for my dear life. To my greatest surprise she lied to her husband that I tried to rape her, she had as evidence my cloth that I took off as I fled away. Nothing I said convinced my master, straight to prison I went. I was jailed for doing the right thing- what kind of a world is this!

Anyway, there was no point crying over spilt milk. But then I noticed that the prison warder as well as the in-mates loved me and I knew why- God was with me. They even made me the captain of the in-mates. During those years I discovered yet another gift I had- interpretation of dreams. The only dreams I still could not interpret were the very ones that got me into trouble in the first place. I remember vividly of how these two servants of the king (the chief Butler and Baker) who had been jailed for one misappropriation, they dreamt two separate dreams and I interpreted it to them and in three days, it happened to them just as I interpreted. It looked like this was my opportunity to leave KIRIKIRI MAXIMUM PRISON, I quickly whispered into the ears of the Butler “speak of me to Pharaoh”. Little did I know he was of short memory- he forgot me. I learnt another lesson, never put your trust in man!

Two years after, very early in the morning, a convoy ran into the prison yard. Guess who they were looking for- me. For a minute my heart sank, I thought to myself what offence have I committed again that the King wants to see me. Anyway I shaved my bears and freshen up. It was my day of opportunity (may you not miss yours!). As I stood before the king of the most civilized nation of the world at that time and listened to this dream that had kept him from sleeping all night and to think that all the magicians and astrologers of the land couldn’t interpret it yet it was as simple as rice and beans (at least to me). Without much ado, I explained it out- it was about the seven years economic downturn soon to hit the land to be preceded by a seven year surplus. I not only explained the problem, I also proffered a solution.

Before I could say Jack Robinson, I became Egypt’s first Prime Minister. I couldn’t believe it, tears ran down my cheeks, I was now second in command over the land. I had been in that school thirteen years now and finally my own dreams had now come to pass. It wasn’t easy I must say, but I guess it was worth it. I heard you are in the university now so I thought it wise to share my little story with you, I hope you will learn from it.
Remember now your creator in the days of your youth.
I love you

President, The Teacher Ministries

Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. Thelafamily.org/labs. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA


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