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Today at 10:38 AM

The most difficult aspect of life is sharing your vision with people because of lack of trust. Obviously, the idea here is that nobody can be trusted taking into consideration our human nature (we are generally selfish as human) which makes us to be highly prone to deceit. No enough words can be said to rekindle the hope of some people to share their vision with others because they know how costly it can be – especially having fallen a victim of such. Jesus himself shared his vision with the twelve disciples, but Judas Iscariot turned a jeopardizing instrument that betrayed him not confidentially but face to face. Joseph also shared his vision with his family members and from that time upward, his brothers took up Satan’s assignment to bring his vision to a staggering halt. He was stripped of his position in the family, but not his purity. He was stripped of his family, but not his future. He was stripped of his coat, but not his character. You know the rest of the story.

Someone once said “without vision people perish and also without people, vision perish’.

However, I’m seeing this topic beyond the prism of the common belief as far as sharing of vision is concerned. I’ve come to the point of knowing the fact that in most cases if you hold your vision close to your chest, you’ll never have it materialized. At the same time, if out of being careless, you let out your vision to ‘everybody’, you’ll certainly pay for it. Then, what’s the difference between the two?

The significant difference between the two depend on the quality of people you’re sharing your vision with. If you share your vision with ‘everybody’ you may have a regret of your action and that’s why you must meticulously guide your vision. The type of people you share your vision with must be people of like passion who shares the same vision with you. They must be people that are vision-driven and not a visionless man (No Future Ambition NFA) because a visionless man will reduce you to his own state of visionlessness for the fact that he is making no progress. Such people are always anti-vision!

Joseph’s brother were void of vision and that’s why they pick up Satan’s assignment to send the boy into extinction but when your vision is God inspired, it will definitely come to fruition and outlive you. I’m pretty sure that if you get right people, they’ll sincerely help you and provide the necessary materials to make your vision a realistic one.

These are people that must come into your life so as to make you a better person, the only problem is finding who they are. It’s worthy of note again that, don’t share your vision with ‘everybody’ but get special and vision-oriented friends that are not vision consumers that can help you as you journey in your various endeavors. Above all, let God be the Grand Commander of your vision and it’s my utmost believe that you’ll surely fulfill purpose.

In conclusion, surround yourself with purposeful and vision oriented individuals that are not unsecure, because unsecure people tend to be vision consumers instead of vision enhancers. Look before you leap and follow your heart in choosing who you will share your vision with. See at the top where you will thrive on the eagle wings of vision soaring above all elemental obstacles.



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