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Everyone of us does have a past, that of course is what is responsible for our present. We are what we are today largely by antecedents; where we find our selves today was determined largely by people before us, some of which we never met, but what many don’t realize is that our past doesn’t have to dictate our future. While there is nothing you can do about yesterday aside learning from it, there is so much you can do about tomorrow; today is the steering wheel of tomorrow.

Are there people who had terrible past and yet ended up in a glorious future? Yes. Jabez is one good example. His story is set right inside 1 Chronicles 4. Before and after Jabez everyone seemed to be satisfied living their poor lives but what was supposed to be a chapter of genealogy (a record of ancestors) stopped at verses 9 and 10 to describe to us the story of a man who fought his past and won for himself an enviable future. Jabez’s ordeal started long before he was born, there was no mention of his father may be because he died or just abandoned him. Things were tough for his mother (who most likely must have been a single parent), so tough that she named him sorrow. Growing up days were terrible for Jabez, he literally had to crawl through. If anyone has an excuse not to succeed in life, Jabez had a million excuses. All odds were against him.

A day came and Jabez got tired of his predicaments, he just needed to brake through the chains of poverty and mediocrity that as held him down all his life. He realised that his future lied in his hands and that he could change the course of his life and he did what I am going to ask you to do also. The scripture says he called on someone who had neither beginning nor ending; the one who himself is the beginning and the ending- GOD. He granted his request and Jabez became an honourable man, he became a point of envy and ray of hope in his lineage. Today and forever Jabez remains a reference point for everyone and anyone whose past isn’t good enough.
Your past might have been plagued with drugs, sexual abuse, poverty, illiteracy but the good news is that you too like Jabez can change the course of your life if only you will turn to God in prayer today. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

President, The Teacher Ministries

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Isaacola AA

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