Handling Failure Successfully @FeyiAdesanya

HANDLING FAILURE SUCCESSFULLY We begin this teaching with a disclaimer: this teaching is not an excuse for us to live carelessly or recklessly- Romans 6:1-2, we must bear in mind that every action, inaction and decision of ours has its own consequences. But be that as it may, we must also come to terms with … Continue reading Handling Failure Successfully @FeyiAdesanya

My story 2 – Isaacola AA

MY STORY 2 My story 1 here http://t.co/Qp7U4cYCc4 I looked at the lifeless body of the only man that brought me much mixed feelings. So much joy and equal bitterness. He was a friend, brother, mother, father and husband all rolled into one in the real sense of it. I grew up knowing he was … Continue reading My story 2 – Isaacola AA