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Abraham Lincoln the great American president was once quoted to have said “the beautiful thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time”. That statement small as it may seem is powerful. One day after another the child of yesterday will grow to become an adult, one day after another man gradually draws close to his death. One truth of life is that no one lives forever- no one! In other words life is a countdown; sooner or later the time will be up. There is therefore a need to live maximally; to be all that you can be and do all that you can do in the little time you’ve got. As a great man once said- yesterday is a mystery, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the only present we have. Life can therefore be categorized into three phases- yesterday (the past), tomorrow (the future) and today (the present). The beautiful thing about yesterday is that it’s our bank of experience; it is responsible for what we know and who we are today; it inform our decisions but as beautiful as it is, it is late. Tomorrow on the other hand gives us hope; it’s fascinating, it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s like food to the hungry, it’s the finish line and yes it’s across the bridge. To get there, we have to cross the bridge of today.

Today is the only part of our lives that is fully in our hands; today is our only chance of getting to tomorrow. Whatever we must do we must do now. If you must be the man or woman you hope to become, now is the time to prepare for it. If you have ever heard the statement ‘we’ll cross the bridge when we get there” I put it to you that you are already at the bridge’. If you will become the business mogul you have always dreamt of, the time to start is now, if you will serve God as much as you have always desired, the time is now, if you will earn the kind of grades you have always prayed for, the time is now! For time and tide waits for no one.

The greatest threat to today is procrastination. Nothing steals a man’s life like procrastination. The greatest mistake you can make today is to postpone till tomorrow what you can do today. As an African proverb puts it- the best preparation for tomorrow is a job well done today. If a farmer for instance postpones planting till a later time, he has invariably postponed his harvest. Why? Life is in seasons; there is a time to plant and another to reap. You cannot disobey one and expect the other to obey you. The same is true for every one of us, if you choose to do tomorrow what you can do today; you stand the risk of not doing it eventually (for as they say tomorrow never ends) or not getting the desired result if you eventually. It pays to pay now and play later than to play now and pay later.

Amongst the many things you should do now is to remember your creator. Sooner or later you will have to meet him, how prepared are you?

President, The Teacher Ministries

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Isaacola AA


9 thoughts on “Now @FeyiAdesanya

  1. Thank you!
    I am. Glad I read this. They are words I’ve read and seen before but we. All need that push and reminder. God bless this strong words


  2. True words n timely. I’v come 2 discover dt a lot of us knw dis tins bt fail 2 do wat is expected- making a decision n standin by it.


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