Your generation is waiting @FeyiAdesanya

Romans 8:19

Imagine buying tickets for a big musical concert billed to hold in your neighborhood. You bought your tickets 3 months before the event and even then, you were just lucky there were 5 of 50,000 tickets left. Your favourite artiste Jack was the central artiste of the show, it was supposed the biggest exposure of his music career so far. Months have passed and now it’s the D-day, you came as early as 7:00am to secure a front seat for a concert scheduled to start by 5:00pm only to discover you were six rows late. “well” you said “seventh row is not bad”.

As at 4:00pm, the venue was already filled to maximum capacity, people were almost standing on each other outside the auditorium. There was little the security guys could do, the crowd was simply too much. At that time, if anyone ever thought of selling his ticket he would be at least 100 times richer than when he bought it. 5:00pm, the Master of Ceremony picked up his microphone, “ladies and gentlemen” he said “welcome to this record-breaking event, it’s my singular honour to officially open this concert” and almost immediately a 100 man orchestral started playing, fireworks started rolling. You adjusted your chair and told yourself “Now that’s what we are talking about”.

There were a series of minor acts, all as a buildup to the coming of the big one. Not long after, the screens showed the picture of the star artiste-Jack- the very center of the concert. The moment you had been waiting for was finally here; in a moment from now you thought “gentle Jack” as you fondly call him will step on stage and take you through the night. You were already near cloud nine. Intentionally and gradually the band increased the tempo of the instrumentals as if to say “behold, he cometh”. The smoke machines were shunning out smoke almost uncontrollably, the stage lights rolling as though dancing, everybody was at this time standing. Wait a minute, there is a figure of somebody emerging slowly from behind the stage; no doubt this must be him. Everybody was shouting his name. The excitement is now at its apogee, anything beyond this point is capable of a causing cardio-vascular brouhaha (simply put, heart-attack).

Just then, did the smoke begin to clear, the music lowered and the spot-light beamed on the man on the stage. Lo and behold, it wasn’t whom you were expecting, it was the MC again. Of course you were already having a feeling of mishap but you wished it wasn’t so. Everyone was feeling the same, but as though you all had a quick meeting, you all decided to pause and listen to what the MC had to say. This is the same agile MC who had been holding things up almost all-night but now his countenance seemed to have changed, he is now in want of words. Certainly there is fire on the mountain. He finally managed to clear his throat and slowly began to vomit the words “Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to inform you, that Jack is nowhere to be found…”. He went on to say some more things but of course they fell on deaf ears. Slowly you sank back into your seat, you felt emotionally raped. Your eye-lids were battling to hold back the tears in your eyes. You noticed some form of entertainment was still going on upstage but the noise of people hissing and exiting the venue was more real to you.

Right in that state of disappointment, you began to hear in your spirit the words of Romans 8:19 as
though God himself were quoting it to you “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for
the manifestation of the sons of God.” A series of thoughts and questions ran through your mind. Isn’t this an allegory of the life of many people? Heavily talented, greatly gifted, awesome potential, almost limitless possibilities yet they never fully manifest. Some never even discover what they carry; some do but still waste away. Unfortunately they don’t know the loss is not theirs alone, it’s everybody’s. The entire universe is counting on us to bring forth that which God has invested in us. The stage is set, the time is ripe, YOUR GENERATION IS WAITING!

President, The Teacher Ministries

Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA

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