Arise Compatriot @isaacsogo

Happy Birth Date to @Isaacsogo, may you grow in grace and favour with God and men IJN.


As long as the world would continue to rotate on its axis, and day and night won’t fail to show up just as designed by God,different and differing situations of life will not fail to exist in their own exponential proportions, both the anticipated palatable situation and the unexpected, horrifying circumstances.

Each day is packaged with its sufficient good and evil.

The nation has had its share of wanton waste and destruction of human life and properties but the present situation is beyond even the civil war we fought in the late sixties or the Niger Delta unrest of some years back and calls for a new holistic approach and a shift in our paradigm if we are to come out on top.

The level of disregard for human life by the Boko Haram sect calls for every able hands on deck to fight these peculiar insurgents that are threatening to tear apart the nation from its fragile seams.

We live in the world where fear grips our heart, (the fear of unknown) with its iron-like grip. One of the reasons for this is the volatility of our world. No man can even predict what will happen within an eye blink.

In a world where bombs go off like toys; guns go off like a Hollywood action film setting; terrorist groups spring up like grass and evil grows in an unimaginable dimension like a malignant tumour.

It is in this perilous times where world peace is in pieces that our nation has found herself engulfed by these evil-minded group of people who are bent on bringing the wobbling giant of a nation to her knees with their insatiable hunger and thirst for gore and blood. These pernicious acts of theirs shows no sense of them being human or humane at all. I even wonder if these blood loving and mayhem perpetrators are human or sane at all. They leave sorrow, tears and pain in their wake like late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti once sang.

We can’t but thank men who hazard their lives in fighting these beast for the sake of rescuing our nation from this quagmire. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their blood.

Let’s keep all hope high that evil will cease to thrive and have a field day in our noble nation. Just as the darkness cannot overcome evil, in the same way we will have a new nation with a fresh hope and all the luciferic descendants will end up in the bottomless pit which they dug.

Let’s keep our hopes rekindled….Nigeria will see the end of evil men and we will have reasons to sing the song of victory again.

We will arise again from this ashes, clothed in beautiful garments; and all losses shall be restored.



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