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Hope For a Dying Nation.

It is very possible for most of us to give up hope on this
nation of ours which has been deeply emasculated by the behemoth beast coupled with incessant killings and disturbance of peace all across the country by our twin common enemy of corruption and greed, yet it will be unwise for all of us to put on the same old thinking cap if at all we would ever live to see a new Nigeria of our dream. The point is;the day you stop having hope in Nigeria, you too cease to exist because you’re a Nigerian. I stop joining the league of those who ordinarily lament about the nation without any sense of hope without proposing any reasonable solution playing the blame game, blaming everybody except himself/herself.

It is by you knowing that as long as Nigeria continue to be a country characteristically known for evil,we are not excused also from problem facing this country. Our collective understanding of our social and moral value and sticking out to be socially and morally responsible is a stepping stone to having the nation we so desired.

The issue is that the reality of a new Nigeria wouldn’t be a mirage
if we can all see ourselves as a potent leader to weather the storm and change the tide as well. And if that will be a reality, we must stop seeing absurdities as norms. We must have a change of orientation at every level of our doings and dealings.

It is true that the light of hope is fast disappearing, but then there is something urgent we can do to rescue our nation and that every one of us take responsibility of our action and live the Nigeria of our dream in all our actions.

I know that Nigeria is waiting, anticipating for world changer in which you and I must not be found wanting at this crucial state of the country if we don’t want to ultimately see it being buried in our very sight.

There is hope for Nigeria and that I stand for, for no matter what the
current challenges may be.Let us keep the hope alive!


8 Replies to “Naija @Isaacsogo”

  1. We easily point fingers of blame to leaders (though some of them deserve to be pointed a pankere, koboko et al *just saying*), when in reality, the giant of Africa itself pales in size and strength to our individual faults, bad orientation and absurdities combined.

    Good job sir.


  2. Thank God for this piece and someone who shares the same view I do. My prayer has always been that we don’t become enemies of ourselves by helping to destroy this country but instead realise that for any true change in Nigeria,it starts with you and me.


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