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The great works, big companies, fine products, beautiful technologies we know and celebrate today were once upon a time nothing but just an idea; one little suggestion or a passive thought. Invisible yet very tangible, small but yet mighty. The entire human race was borne out of such little thought, the creator thought *”let us make a resemblance of our self on earth; one that will have our likeness and oversee the earth”. Today that little thought is equal to over 7 billion people, imagine! Imagine what those ideas jamming in your head can become, imagine how much money they can fetch you, imagine where they can take you. The entire world runs on ideas, nothing more. You are either working out an idea or working for one. You get paid for working for someone’s idea but be sure you can’t possibly get as much as the owner of the idea. Do you still wonder why people work endlessly and tirelessly for very little and but there is a boss somewhere who only draw plans, give instructions and sign cheques and yet gets all the money. Remember you are either working out your own idea or working for another man’s.

Surprisingly everyman has ideas (loads of them), God drops them in our minds as we think and meditate but too many people ignore them. Many others despise them only to regret later in life. My aim is to help you as well as myself actualize those thoughts in our head, our success in life lies therein. Every idea, dream or vision can become real if only we know what to do and so permit me to share with us three or four things to do to make the invisible visible. Do you know it takes just three persons to believe an idea for it to be successful 1.God (the giver of the idea) 2. The devil (he believes it that is why he is opposing it) 3. You. The first two are constant, they are ready to support you or discourage you as the case may be, all they are waiting for is your verdict.

That brings me to my first point, do you BELIEVE in that idea of yours? Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter who does it still won’t work. In fact if you don’t believe in your own idea, it will be difficult to get another person to believe in it. You need to believe in the possibility and achievability of you dream. You need to believe in it even when nobody does, there are few people who will ever believe in your idea; very few.

Nobody owes you anything, an “I”-dea is a personal property that needs a personal responsibility. **Joseph’s family didn’t believe in him but he didn’t because of that get bitter or dump the idea of ruling the world, he took personal responsibility and forged ahead. Secondly you need COURAGE. Why courage? Because you will face oppositions. Like I said, the devil believes in you, he knows if he folds his arms you will no doubt actualize your dreams and so he places hurdles on your way just to discourage you. The best way of averting a dream is not to wake up from sleep at all. Many ideas have gone down the drain simply because we failed to take courageous steps towards its fulfillment. Many of the things we celebrate today didn’t work out at first try; some didn’t even turn out well until after a lot of attempts. It takes courage to continue trying until that idea becomes successful.

Thirdly, INVEST in your ideas because if you don’t nobody will. If you don’t invest in what is yours, you will buy into another man’s idea. Every time you use windows® you are investing in Bill Gates’ idea, every time you drive a Mercedes you make the Benz family happy. Each time you cook with Dangote salt guess who is thanking you-Aliko Dangote. Stop and ask yourself “who is buying into my own idea?” If the answer is no, start investing in it yourself first and others will follow. Spend your money, time and energy to propagate your vision and you will be amazed how much dividend it will yield you. Last but in no way the least, involve GOD. In the final analysis, only one vote will do the job. If He votes you in, it doesn’t matter who hates you, you are in. at the same time if He votes you out, it doesn’t matter who is in your favour, you are out. ***Outside God we can achieve nothing-absolutely nothing.
I see your ideas becoming reality!

* Genesis 1:26
** Genesis 37
***John 15:5

President, The Teacher Ministries

Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. Thelafamily.org/labs. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA

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