Guard your heart 2 @FeyiAdesanya

Guard your heart (2)

Already we have established that one of the gates to the human spirit is the eye. This week as we continue in this series, let’s consider yet another gate- the EAR. To the layman, it is the means of hearing but Biology claims it is also responsible for our physical balance. But much more than these the ear is an even more dangerous gate than the eye. Why? The eyes have lids and so can be shut at times but the ears don’t. The consequence of this is that you are always hearing something actively or passively. Even when you are asleep your ears are awake, that’s why someone can call you out of your sleep.

For this reason Jesus warned “…take heed what you hear”- Mark 4:4, “…take heed therefore how you hear”-Luke 8:18.

Music is adjudged the only thing that skips the human brain; music is the only thing the brain doesn’t screen before it takes in and guess which gate music comes through- the ear. If you find this difficult to believe, try analysing the lyrics of some of your favourite music, you will find out that they don’t quite agree with your ideology, in fact some of them oppose your most fundamental beliefs yet you dance to them. How did it happen?- the ear. Furthermore, you will find out that you never really learnt most of the songs you know today, you so to say “picked them up”. As we go about our daily activities, our ears pick up stuffs from the radio, conversations, music, ring tones etc. Some of which are good and edifying but most aren’t.

The dangerous thing about the ear gate is that it has the power to form your beliefs which will in turn form your reality. Just as faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17), fear comes by hearing also. The formula is simple: what you hear over and over, you will eventually believe (even though it is false), and what you believe you expect, and what you expect you experience.

The story is told of a mathematics class in which a particular student came in late. He met eleven questions on the board which were given as their assignment to be submitted the next day. He copied them and went home to solve them. Upon submitting the next day, the teacher discovered this particular student had solved eleven questions as against ten that all other students solved. The eleventh question happened to be a question the great mathematician Isaac Newton couldn’t solve in his lifetime. The teacher had told the other students this but this particular student didn’t know because he came late. To cut the long story short, the boy got the answer right. The other students probably would have gotten the answer had they tried but an “impossibility virus” went through their ear gates when they heard that Isaac Newton couldn’t solve that question so they never bothered trying. Even if they had tried, they would have needed a lot of energy to fight that “viral message” for them to get it right. So you see, if you hear good, you will believe good, expect good and therefore experience good but if you hear bad, you will believe bad, expect bad and of course experience bad.

There is therefore need for control. We can’t stop our ears from hearing, but we can control what they hear. We can deliberately sieve what passes through those gates. How? By dictating the kind of music you listen to, the kind of radio programs you listen to, the kind of conversation you engage in. Intentionally, consciously and regularly listen to good and godly music, messages, conversations etc. By so doing, you will be securing yet another gate to your life.

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One thought on “Guard your heart 2 @FeyiAdesanya

  1. Hmmm…it’s so true that what we hear does a lot to us Spiritually Physically and Mentally. Just like I asked a girl in my church abt d song she was listening to, if she can confidently play it in d presence of our Pastor. Her answer? A screaming NO! But she listen to it anyway. And to think that d song has no meaning…! I mean it was like sum1 jst decided to visit d studio too, jst so it will b in his life record dat he once visited d studio. And what abt gossip, backbiting n d rest? May the Lord teach us daily In Jesus’ Name. Thnaks for sharing, God Bless U….


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