21st century and your Brain @Isaacsogo


There are lots of issues affecting us in this generation of absolute dependency of technology and gadgets! It would remain a logjam attaining the optimum result of what education ought to be except drastic action is taken immediately.

The 21st century is a technological age and it all seems as if it has replaced the normal functioning of our brains that we find it difficult to fire up our mental snapsis in engaging ourselves in reasonable thinkings. Am I saying it is not good to be technologically advanced? God forbid! The simple idea here is that we can be creative using our God-given brains without being absolutely dependent on the 21st century gadgets. Don’t you know that the likes of Bill Gates made use of their brains to get things done which we’re feeding upon today? Have you ever asked if he ever had access to wealth of opportunities that we enjoy today before he did those beautiful things he did?

Things we enjoy today are the brain children of some people,the question is;when are we going to rise up to the challenge of birthing our own ideas?

The worst part of it is that our educational system systematically encourages this as well. Projects written by students can’t be regarded as a product of their articulated thinking,instead a direct work of google,copy and paste hook,line and sinker. Is it that bad that our brains can go into exile and stop functioning? Not at all. This happens because of our myopic views and slothfulness to sit back to think. Am not saying it is bad to get additional information online,but it should not be at the detriment of what our brain should do. Just as a friend of mine,Femi tagged me to a status that says thinking big,makes you bigger if we can be more committed to a productive thinking,we would change the tide.

I expect that Nigerian students over the years with projects being done on a yearly basis should by now turn this nation around like a sudden whirlwind,but it all appear as though we are so complacent with junks and not the real food. Don’t you know that it is an abberation to be defending somebody else’s work and you claim it to be your handiwork? Is it that the breakthrough in this century makes us lazy or we chose to be? Do we really have in our brains sophisticated complex ideas that can bring about a turn around in our world?

The point is that even very many of us that have access to the social networks on a daily basis can’t really pin point what we gain from surfing the net all the time. If your access to social networks don’t add values to your life,permit me to say that you waste your time and equally your life. Can’t we be reasonable enough to know that all of these are added advantage and not to permanently put our ideas into furnance of life. I surf the net most times to learn more about what I don’t know,but will never substitute it for what my brain can produce. Just as Sam Adeyemi said that ‘our brains are wombs that should nurture ideas’ what idea(s) are you nurturing?

Things get so bad this day that people steals other peoples work online and post it on facebook that it appears as though they’re the owner of the work. And I would not be surprised,if the young folks in our secondary schools would still google search ‘My self’ that is because we tell them google would do it all for them. With this orientation,we make their brians less effective. I got to know though not sure that most of the toys we have around us are the handiworks of little children outside Nigeria,and if that is true,can we put on our thinking cap on how to equip and expose our children to the potency of their brains to invent and not to be dependent on other peoples brain alone.

Even that brother that is a science student will only take his phone to solve assignments for his younger ones because he felt there is no need to engage his brain in such a brain tasking calculations. We make little effort to let people see that there is something we can always do to be the best and that is the power of effective thinking. Life can continue like this,but expect nothing from us in this part of the world.

I am not preaching against the use of social networks,all am saying is that how important is your brain to you vis-a-vis the social networks. Will you just live habitually in the land of consumers and not productive producers. The world,your world need producers and not consumers to do something great. All we need is to develop a capacity to solve problems by making our ideas work.
You’re a brain box! Start working it out and before you know it,you’re already there!


The writer is not advocating return back to eighteen century but he is charging us to wake up and exercise our brains since in nature anything that is not used/exercise will naturally die. It is high time time we revive the use of our brain power.

Isaacola AA

10 thoughts on “21st century and your Brain @Isaacsogo

  1. So true my brother, it is so sad our secondary student cant write simple spellings, using shorthand in writting essay and text message language to write official report!

    i was talking to somehow in official capacity and he was answering me in slang, I just shook my head and wonder where we are heading to, suspending our thinking cap wearing gadgets…


  2. Hmmmm…it usually boils down to balance…the thin line between two extremes…Fortunate are those who are able to walk this fine line…


  3. I like this line of argument. The painful thing is we encourage the younger generation to be dependent on the social networks without any form of guidance and we want to blame they are not as smart as older generations……… thanks for this.


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