To my son – Isaacola AA


My son, listen to my words and take heed to my instructions. The depth of the sunken eyes of the aged is not occasioned by sickness but by various and varied experiences of life. The greyness or whiteness of an adult hair is not a function of exotic dye or bleach, the sights and sighs of accumulated wisdom is responsible.

As per our last discussion, I know you are planning to settle down and sire offspring, seeds from your own loins. Take care however and shine your eyes. If need be, take “digi Bola” before you make up your mind on the daughter of Eve you will settle down with. I know you are a wise son and will do the needful when called upon.

Look beyond the ephemeral beauty. I can tell you from experience that beauty is just skin deep and can be of absolutely no relevance. Go for the main man of the heart, character. Remember our popular admonition, “Ranti omo eni ti iwo n se. Obinrin to lewa ti ko ni iwa, ofo lo jasi’ (Remember the child of whom you are, beauty without character is meaningless).

Don’t go for the “artificiality” being paraded now. I heard there is fake bum, enhanced boobs, and all other technological sophistries that I am yet to grasp. Go for the real African woman; a woman who is a woman indeed with all that an African calls “womanliness”. Some of these technologically enhanced females are only wearing high heels, their brains have flat soles. No offence intended you know how much respect I have for the opposite gender; your mum and sisters are a glaring example.

You and I know how much good food is appreciated in the family. Please be mindful of this when you are making your choice on the daughter of Eve you want to settle down with and spare me the embarrassment of coming to your house and being presented with indomie noodles, pastries and the like. Look for a real woman that knows her way in the kitchen and not one that will boil water and get it burnt before figuring out what next to do.

Also my good son, do remember that you should look for a God fearing lady not a “churchy” or religious lady. With my decades of working closely with “churchy” and young folks especially, I came out with one conclusion; most of these “churchy” folks are hypocrites who after living wayward lives, almost always retire to church for the gentle godly young men that are innocent indeed like you. Did I catch your wink?

In conclusion, you remember our private joke? About banging! Some of these daughters of Eve pretending to be virgins have been banged more times than any Unilag taxi door. Please don’t laugh but on a lighter mood be wary of these deceptive angels on heels. Some of these chicks claiming to be innocent have a private that is as good as a public thoroughfare. Beware.

I do not mean to be mean but I discovered some virgins are not wife materials whilst some well used ones are really “wifey”, just victims of circumstances beyond their control. Let your wise heart guide you.

You cannot choose your parents, place of birth and origin. You will however choose your wife, and that is a very vital decision that will determine a lot about how your life will go.

Look carefully before you leap; think carefully and follow your heart and not your head when making your choice. I know you are a wise son.

Your father
Isaacola AA


Watch out for “Letter to my daughter next”.

@oscerpoems you are the boss. Thank you sir.


12 Replies to “To my son – Isaacola AA”

  1. There is this joke that when God created Adam, he gave him a wife. After the fall, Adam told God that he fell because of the woman He gave him. Because of this, God now change His language to ‘he that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor’ so that when a man falls, he won’t blame it on God again. ….. good one sir. God will guide your son in his search and crown him with a wife that defines a virtuous.


  2. Hmmm….this is so meaningful and I wish all unmarried men Worldwide could have d opportunity to read dis Piece…thanks a lot for all these wonderful write-ups, pls do keep it coming…


  3. Taking my breakfas alongside with this article. It is a great one,considering the set of ladies we’ve in our days. Carefulness is all that matters and the leading of the Holy spirit not to choose wrongly. The son should also be encouraged to seek God’s face before choosing.

    Good job.


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