Crowd mentality @Isaacsogo


It is good to have people around you, but it will be a great mistake to let your life depend on the crowd . This is because no one move with the crowd and succeed (your individual identity is lost in the crowd). Those who make it among the crowd are those who move out by taking conscious effort to be different. The crowd always believe that they are many and so they can all be seen as no different and this mentality keeps almost everyone of them at a mediocre equilibrium.

To amount to anything tangible in life, one need to stand out!

This crowd mentality often makes abnormalities to seem normal and being stagnant as same as moving. The crowd believed that motion is equal advancement, which is not! The possible words from this set of people is,’after all,I am not the only one….’ A student may say,’After all, I am not the only one that has not gained admission’ but why can’t you be different and remain unsatisfied until you make it.

Another bad side of the crowd is that they make attempt to silence you anytime you want to get to the top or make a difference. They will tell you it is not possible. That is the crowd mentality. Don’t you see that the crowd were chased away before Jesus could perform miracle in Matthew 9:24? Thank God the father of the deceased girl was not ashamed of chasing out the noisy crowd, not minding how offensive it would be in order to have Jesus bring back his daughter. The point is that you don’t need some people around you because their presence simply means failure. If you have people that are blessed with spiritual gift of discouragement and you don’t put them away, you are set for a setback. It’s not a curse!

The crowd will subject a man to ridicule and scornfully mock him/her. They laugh at you and their laughter postulates impossibility. When you said you have an idea, they tell you ‘what idea?’ when you said,’you want to do this’ they laugh at you and if care is not taken, you’ll lose focus and get no where. Let’s look at that Matthew 9:24 again. ‘Jesus said Go away (speaking to the crowd). The girl is not dead but asleep.’ But they laughed at him’ Can you see that? If you will make it in life, ignore the mocking of people. Do not pay attention to what they are saying, instead be committed to your vision and your thought, if not you will not do anything. The crowd can be discouraging, but always encourage yourself.

If you really want to make it there must be paradigm shift from this crowd mentality. You must begin to see yourself as a different entity not made to be like every other person. I am not saying you should be proud, but you must gain the consciousness of who you should be. Let not other peoples mentality shape yours at least negatively. Get serious with your life and take responsibility as well. Zaccheous knowing that his height put him at a disadvantaged end ran ahead the crowd and climbed the tree to see Jesus, and without stress, Jesus saw his desperation and was the only one that have the honour of Jesus in his house.

Don’t just follow the wrong mentality of the crowd, define yourself and you will surely stand out. When people said they are suffering and you believe that you will suffer as well, you have allowed the crowd mentality to erode your rightful thinking.
Tell yourself as from today that you are to live above common mentality and be extra ordinary. Let not the crowd kill your vision and put away the ‘crowd mentality’ as well.



2 Replies to “Crowd mentality @Isaacsogo”

  1. A wonderful piece, and it’s absolutely true..eye opening and mind building! The life of following d Crowd have never been something I appreciate. Tho’, sometimes I find myself struggling against d pull of it, but I’ve never succumbed…thanks a lot for sharing, u really have renew my strenght to strive for d BEST in LIFE…


  2. I always say one of the biggest disasters in a man’s life is not having a mind of his own.
    The wind will blow such person one way and human opinion will blow him the other way.


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