Fear of serving the Fatherland @Isaacsogo


It all look like a journey to the hell considering the recent posting of students to various places to serve their father land just as it has brought about differing and different opinions and reactions. The reason for this is not far fetched ( our once peaceful land is soon turning into a butcher ground ). But then, I thought that one of the joy of being a citizen of any country is the basic freedom one enjoy especially being able to live in any part of the country without fear that the citizen enjoy or will enjoy, but the reverse is the case as this joy and freedom can’t be fully expressed due to the country exponential exposure to incessant activities detrimental to peace and simple coexistence especially the bombs detonating faster than can be. Counted in the northern part of our dear father land. As a result of this, the northern part of the country have become a no-go area discouraging students from other part of the country from going there because of the fear of losing their precious lives considering their relentless struggle in school, not to talk of spending more than the expected years in school due to ASUU strikes.

Unless I missed my guess, I am pretty sure that when my sister called me that she was posted to Zamfara, there was this crack in her voice and I could sense that not as though she’s happy about it, not until later that she summoned the courage to pack her things trusting God to help her all through. As students who happens to be posted to these volatile region of the country were afraid, their parents were also in fear of allowing them to go because they can’t afford to see their labour and investment to be a waste and those that would allowed their children to go does that by faith.

In fact,any student who decided to go as well must be exercising faith and trusting God that though s/he walks through the valley littered with bombs, s/he shall fear no explosion. In the same vein, we have those that would prefer not serving than to go ahead risking their dear lives.

Students were throwing themselves into pity party as this one says;’I was posted to Gombe, and the other Borno’. It has always become difficult to preach better message to the people in this shoe, all we have to say is to pray for them and encourage them to see God going ahead of them.

Such is the case we find ourselves as a nation, faced with challenges bordering on questioning our unity. Well, I supposed that due to the rise in the evil deeds by BH, it would have been wise not to post people to these volatile states until a semblance of peace returns to the atmosphere in order to have the lives of people secured.

However, since that was not put into consideration, I think that the students are left with their possible means as far as serving their Father land is concerned, after all it all look as if there is no pride in serving ones Father land because of several reasons we all live to see on a daily basis. If our Father land is worth dying for, I know that many would have, but the reverse seems to be the case and that makes me to remember a line of our national anthem that says,’…..to serve our Father land with love and strength and faith’ But the question is;’ where is the love and strength to serve when spiritual forces at low places are threatening to tear apart the fragile fabrics of a national unity every now and then?

Yes, we may not be able to account for those that have lost their lives while serving their Father land, but all I know is that evil having a field day now does not mean that we will not overcome. I have a dream that a Yoruba man would not be discriminated by a Hausa man because of his race and vice versa. Neither would an Igbo man pick offences against a Hausa man because of his place of origin. Nigeria would one day be a place where all would be able to live peacefully where ever they chose to and there would be joy all over without fear.

My prayer is that those that have made up their minds to go on this journey to some of this volatile and sensitive parts of the country would not lose a single hair of their head, and they will come back safe and sound to meet their family and loved ones alive. None would be a victim of the evil and barbaric killings in the name of Jesus.

Wish them divine protection under the mighty hands of God.
It is well with them.



3 Replies to “Fear of serving the Fatherland @Isaacsogo”

  1. I really don’t understand Y govt still allow Corpers posted to all dis Northern States, with all that’s going on there. I feel like it’s a SUICIDE MISSION…I pray that God will Keep and Protect them all…and me too that’s currently in Minna…


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