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Some say life is a journey, some others say it is a game and yet some call it a drama. I agree with them all but I think also that life is a questionnaire. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you live everyday to answer one question or the other. Life is the only examination you write without a timetable, lecture or even an outline. The funny thing about the questions of life is that if you don’t answer the present question correctly, you don’t get to answer the next- it’s like who wants to be a millionaire show; one correct answer takes you one step ahead. But if you think who wants to be a millionaire is not fair, remember that at least they give you the 50-50 option. The questions of life are not like that, it’s either you know it or you don’t. As per asking the audience or phoning a friend, everybody is busy with their own questionnaire- You are on your own (OYO)! If you stay too long on one question, life has a way of suggesting an answer to you but trust me, it’s the “wrongest” of answers.

One kind of questions you will have to answer is the WHAT questions. These questions usually center on identity, purpose and vision- what is my purpose here on earth? What can I do? What will happen next? What if this works out? What if it doesn’t? The list goes on and on but just before you are through with those, you will face the WHO questions. The answer you proffer to these ones will determine to a large extent your destiny for he who walks with the wise shall be wise- who am I? Who will I marry? Who are my friends? Who will believe in me? Who can I trust? Who will help me? And again the list goes on and on. While you are at that, the WHEN questions will step in. these ones bother on time for you will never have forever to do anything. When the time is up, the game is up. Unfortunately, life is a countdown- When will I finish school? When will I marry? When will I have the kind of money I want to have? When will I have children of my own? And last of all when will I die?

Now the HOW questions. From these, life wants to know how you intend to get the things you say you want. Life in another sense is a restaurant- you order for something, you pay for it. You have already answered the vision question this is now the mission question- How will my dreams become reality? How can I be distinguished in life? How can I overcome the challenges that face me? How can I reach my goal? If you succeed in answering these, let’s see what you will make of the WHERE questions because as a great man once said, your location determines your allocation. Not every place is your place for as a bird that wanders from its nest so is a man that wanders from his place (proverbs 27:8) – where will I live? Where will I work? Where will I raise my children? Where will I retire to?

I could go on and on with these questions but I have my own questionnaire to answer too. You are certainly going to have a tough time trying to answer these questions on your own; in fact, you will miss many if not all. But there is a life coach who can help you out, He knows it all and He is willing to help you every step of the way. There is not a question life will throw at you that He doesn’t have a correct answer to. With Him, you can never get a question wrong. His name is Jesus. He has been helping me as well as many others. Why not allow Him help you too; He is only a prayer away.

President, The Teacher Ministries

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Isaacola AA


4 Replies to “Life Questions @FeyiAdesanya”

  1. Hmmmm…to think that I’ve spent almost half of my years with all these LIFE’s Questions, and yet with no answer to any of them (now I’m a believer, and I have Faith in Christ, but still I’m still at a standstill…) Like U said, all we need is Christ to have ANSWERS to all LIFE’s Question…thanks a lot for sharing..God Bless U…


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