What a woman can do @Isaacsogo


The cultural belief about what women can do is what has gained defeat in the recent time just as vision oriented women who get serious with their lives are now coming to the centre of celebration and this has since then end this unnecessary discrimination about women potentials.

And that old mentality which was obtainable then has suffered un-arguable defeat on the platform of the 21st century. It is becoming interesting seeing ladies competing favourably with men in our days, not ready to be buried with the potentials in them. I have read and heard about women that does great things and whose lives speak and up till now still speaking volume. In every sectors of our endeavours, women are now making a serious and noticeable impacts which can’t be ignored.

If at this 21st century a woman would still be relying on her husband’s wealth, it is likely she is living in the 15th century. In fact she must have been born in the 10th century.

We still have very many of these impactful ladies today doing well, though time may not permit me to mention them all. What stands to be of a great challenge to me was when on two different occasions I came across these two ladies in a particular debate and speech contest, and right where I was sitting, I duff my hat in a most respective manner to such a confidence and eloquence.

Ladies that, if you have ever competed with them on a stage, have this unusual air of confidence and are very simple in their approach as they take on you with high level of skill, confidence and oratory while talking. Since then I don’t underrate what a woman can do.

My mentality was changed and was really happy meeting some of them because they pose a great challenge to me as a male gender. Am I saying this to ridicule men? No! I’m only trying to let our ladies see what they are built up of. Worthy of note here is Chimamanda Adichie. Recently, I was listening to one of her deliveries in a meeting with the whites and as I patiently does that I love her presentations so much that I lacked the best word to describe her. Simply,I would say that she is an arbiter of language just as she spin words together and dish out language with control. We have many others like Funmi Iyanda, not to talk of Oby Ezekwesieli.

However,the point is that,’what a woman can do,a woman can do and what a man can do, a man can do’ just as a man of God put it.

I would not have bothered myself writing this piece, but a need arise to awaken the consciousness of our sisters who deludes themselves in the fool’s paradise by confining themselves because of the influence and affluence of their husband. The world is travelling at a faster rate than they think. I expect every woman/lady to think without the box and not outside the box only and forsake the old time belief that it is their husband that would bear the whole of the responsibility. If we still have ladies of that class, they should be ready to go to the land of no relevance . In the world where women are doing great things,I don’t expect anybody of female gender to think less, although not an avenue to be arrogant to their husbands but a means to be supportive so as to ensure the smooth running of the family through mutual understanding . Husbands tend to appreciate such a woman better, I guess. If as a woman you still have to depend on your husband to buy sachets of salt, you are “finished”.

With all these thought of mine I would love to conclude that ladies must get serious with their lives and be vision driven, not with the mentality of I have a caring husband, he will care for everything. Oh! Sorry dear, that is a disaster and has a tendency to a disastrous end.

Our ladies can still do greater things than they have been doing if they put in more effort and rise to the challenge of the 21st century lady. Ladies, be prepare to take responsibilities for your life and you will find things smooth. In all of these,the above said is not to eschew men from taking their rightful responsibilities also in the family, it is just a charge to maintain a balance both at home and in the society.



18 Replies to “What a woman can do @Isaacsogo”

  1. Well, what can I say. This is just exquisite! U av given us d chance to soar with dis write-up, tho’ just like u said, there are already 21st century women doing great things already. But I’m sure this is an encouragement some that are still holding unto the old beliefs that women are supposed to b in d shadow of d male gender. But there’s dis question I would like to ask; must one be highly educated b4 one can achieve or attain greater heights in life? Pls don’t get me wrong, this question is kind of personal…so I won’t think in d wrong direction…


    1. Education in what sense ma. We have the formal, semi-formal and the informal education. Depending on the field of endeavour you chose but in all a little formal education is an added plus.


    2. Permit me, sir, to answer this.. Education is very important to achieving greater height in life but we have limited education to the formal kind where you have to be in school to get a certificate which is not even the key to that important social niche you want to carve. Reading materials online, listening to messages, going to conferences, more so practising what you have learnt is a form of education too. You need education, even where morals are concerned but you don’t necessarily need the certificate the four walls of a western school provide. I’ve seen people who can’t write their names succeed in life; they got educated in their area of expertise. the tailor, mechanic, barber are all educated people..


  2. Good one sir. I have grown a thousand times over in this school of thoughts. I am one of those who love to see intelligent women emerge and that’s why I love the women you mentioned in this piece. Another woman that stole my heart is the first flying Dr in Nigeria, Orekoya. Having said this, I think most women still operates on the 15th century belief that they can’t do this things or that it’s a man’s thing. I would advice, which is my own resolve, that father’s and husbands should encourage their ladies. We should encourage and support them to fully maximize their potentials. It could appear daunting to them especially when they consider their house hold responsibilities. But when we support them in every way possible, in the house and on on the job, with words and actions. They sure will begin to realize how great they can emerge.


    1. Yes boss I do believe they need the support of the husbands and the dads. Most times the challenges of keeping the home sap them of the energy that should have been used to channel into other endeavours. Really they need the encouragement and the cheer on from the dads and husbands


  3. Hello Isaac,

    Well said. I have been in this school of thought for a long time and day by day i get more convinced that Men and Women are alike. We have equal grounds to do whatever. The level we attain is all dependent on the limitation we set for ourselves. I look forward to see more women rise up each day to that person God designed them to be.


  4. To this piece I say thank you.

    In a smashing way, you’ve made my sky clothed in rainbows, through it’s length and breath you’ve just given me the assurance one more time that no one else can do it better than me.

    To all the men who think of our gender as human and competent, more wisdom to you all than that of King Solomon.


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