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The culture of reading is dying fast in this generation. Ours is a generation that lacks a voracious appetite for reading, considers it as nothing to be reckoned with, and we think same to be normal without any sense of reviving this spirit.

You see a man who keeps improving on a daily basis and I’ll show you a man who keeps learning, a man with a yearning to eat book like food.

An average Nigerian student will get a book and what s/he will do is to read the introduction and conclusion then close the book. Some do not even read it at all. To some, books are for decoration of the shelf than for the decoration of their brains. Men who takes pleasure in reading invest in their future and such men will always have a wide knowledge about matters of importance.

Many of the men that we celebrate today are those who never got tired of exposing themselves to quality readings. They were not satisfied with the little that they knew, but committed to daily expansion of their knowledge. However, all we see now are celebrated heroes who are arbiters of language and never ready to pay same sacrifice.

You want your life to be beautiful? Get good books and read. The books you read, coupled with diligent study have their ways of determining your value in life. In fact, Daniel said in the Bible that,”I Daniel learnt this by book”. That is simply the secret of great men.

Why you have been committing the same error is because you never sought for books that will put a finishing solution to your blunders. We don’t all become perfect in a day; in fact we are still aiming to attain perfection. You may continue to have poor constructions and bad spoken English because you fail to maximise the power of books that would shape your writing and speaking.

When I was growing up (I am still growing now), I had a great challenge with the use of words like; has,have and had;there and their; is and his; as and has…. Knowing my problem was not enough, I acted. I gave it urgent attention.

The first thing I did was to consult my English teacher who explained it to me but still I didn’t get it so-well. I then got down to ‘A-One in English’ by Dele Ashade, studied the words and carefully considered how they were used in passages and articles I came across. That was how the problem was totally solved.

Most times on Facebook, I see students watering their status with grammatical bullets, but who am I to be picking errors? The problem is that such people see nothing wrong and so continue writing and speaking poor English without recourse to tenses, pronunciation and construction. I am not saying this to appraise myself neither do I claim to know it all, I am in fact still learning.

To every recurring problem(s) that you have in a particular area, get down to a bookshop and pick the book that addresses your problem.

We are human beings and must continue to learn daily by being avid readers who desire to know beyond the superficial and wish to know the deep and the secret things. Spend your money on what will be a big investment to your future rather than the ephemerals that can not last you.

You want to be a leader? Take your time to read! Resuscitate the spirit of reading in you and stay committed. If you cannot read a short to middle length article, how would you be able to read a thousand-paged novel? I am pretty sure some struggled reading this article to the end. Some managed to read the introduction and the conclusion.

It all starts from here. You must begin to be a serious and committed reader with a burning passion of impacting your world with the wealth of knowledge you have gathered.

I know that we can do it once again by encouraging the coming generation to do more in reading and applying their hearts to good materials that will shape their lives for a bright future.

Get a book today, get serious with it and see how better you will become.



One Reply to “Dying Culture @Isaacsogo”

  1. And I taught I was the only one with this observation….you just can’t imagine what is really going on,in fact that’s an understatement of d Millennium! Especially now when everyone is into shorthand writing using ‘coz/cos’ instead of ‘because’, ‘wen’ instead of ‘when’ and the annoying ones like lol, rtfwl, lmao ‘dat’ instead of ‘that’, the list goes on and on(the truth is till now, I don’t know the meaning of most of these abbreviations) I so get tired chatting with the so called graduates online with horrible grammatical errors, I’m so horrified at the blinders they commit! I’m just an O’level student with just a Sch. Cert, but I’m not blowing it out of proportion if I tell u I speak better than most of our university graduates (pride not intended). Even many students aren’t studying to learn, instead, they cram to pass. And once they downloaded what they’ve crammed, the brain becomes empty once again. I don’t know why majority find it difficult to read, instead they go on social medias to post nonsensical rubbish, twitter is even d worse place, that’s where u see all the nonsense. And when they’re not asking stupid questions like; a name in Nigeria that starts with A-Z, they’ll fill up your time-line with all d celebrities doings all over d world! I mean, what is it with all this madness? I’m sorry I’m rambling, I guess I’m just so upset about the whole thing…permission. To share this pls…


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