Break time @Isaacsogo

The Breakfast,The Lunch & The Dinner

Every breaking of the day breaks with great opportunities.As we long to take our breakfast,we try taking a brake in order to break through in life and make meanings out of it.Taking a brake before having the breakfast wasn’t because we are not hungry,but don’t want to tread the path of those who break fast without thinking on how to break new grounds.

We move steadily approaching the day with all sense of greatness and refused to be taken for granted.We are not interested remaining at the bottom of the ladder.Therefore, we make a move to lunch out for our break through.

Immediately after our lunch,we launch out to see how challenging our heart desires would be.There were countless confrontations on the way,but we looked at them and launched our arrow to clear the way of logjams. After all confrontations, we are anxious to be back home.

As we drive home, all came to dine with us on a round table. Now,that is life. If we dare not the challenges of life, none will identify with us.
The breakfast, The Lunch, The dinner time.



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