Blame game @Isaacsogo


Do you count it all joy abusing your leaders because of the applause you will gain from people? If that is who you are, you must be a big mistake of our time. Easy is it to castigate than to take a moment examing how you have been a silent perpetrator of evil and a common enemy of our unity as a nation. Peoples adulating comment drives you like drug to write more insulting statements even when you don’t know that your life is evaporating away gradually on the platform of criticism albeit not constructive one with an eye on providing solution.

Though, politics without criticism is dour and uninteresting, politics is supposed to be a ground where people disagree to agree and where cold fact is supposed to win a contructive argument. intelligent and quality debates are supposed to be the hallmark of our polity, not mud slinging and gutter language.

Widening of your bucal cavity to hurl unprintable insults without being reserved (an African virtue) is a sign of immaturity and a degenerative eyes disease which may totally blindfold your sense of reasoning if not arrested on time.

We live in a country where the citizens distant themselves totally from the blame even when their evil deeds is boldly written on their foreheads. Nobody wants to take responsibility! We shift the blame here and there making it more dfficult to channel our ways out of this evil we dwells in as a nation.

Truth be told, insults won’t help. Shifting blames will keep us at a stand still. Let’s drop all these blame games and be more concerned with what can be done to get things right as a nation. Let those who take ‘blaming’ as a lucrative jobs change focus and make us see what can be done to get it right as a nation. Finger pointing and casting aspersion is not the solution at this juction, it is high time we wake and assume responsibilty focusing more on what unite bus as a nation than tho9se things that divide us.



2 Replies to “Blame game @Isaacsogo”

  1. Permit me to share this on ma FB wall! Not only my eyes will see this! Wonderfully written as always…pls keep it up, and thanks for sharing…


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