Sad reality @Isaacsogo


It is here in Nigeria that the youths nail their leaders firmly to the cross because of their perceived or imagined offence(s), calling them several names and hurling insults on them only because their own evil deeds have not been brought into focus.

The exam you wrote the other time, how do you passed it? Was it not through expo and special centre and the likes? Just asking!

Our problems as a nation is hydra-headed but we live in the denial of the short comings on our parts thereby making us mad at our leaders while we fail to be sincere about how we add petrol to the inferno on a daily basis.

In every aspect of our national life, the leaders bear the whole of the blame why Nigeria is not working. In fact, that there is no water in your well, the president, governor, local men or even the opposition is\are the reason behind it.

Am I writing this to paint Nigerian leaders as saints? No (far be it, in fact they are closer to the evil image we paint them to be through their selfish and anti-people policies a times!). This is just to let us have a paradigm shift in our poor sense of ascribing all the blames to the leaders when it comes to national matters. When you have not remove the log of wood in your own eyes, how would you see clearly to remove the dust in other people’s eyes? Such a hypocritical life we live and throw stones at others at the slightest opportunity whilst we maintain an aloof stand in a pharisaic holier than thou attitude.

Some of our youths sounds sanctimonious on social media, that is so deceptive that you may be tempted to see them as perfect human being but in a real sense of it they may be empty barrels that makes the loudest noise. if such are given the opportunity to paddle the canoe of this nation we would not get far before the canoe capsized and put the whole country into commotion.

We have been getting it wrong for a long period of time. We jump to the social media castigating one man painting all his deeds as black to ensure the rise of another man. Do you think elections are won on the social media? Go to Ekiti and have a rethink.

No matter how cruel our leader may be, there should be a need for us to be reserved in our comments and don’t go all out spewing derogatory words that can’t and will not help the matter. Remember “uneasy lie the head that wears the crown”.

Nigeria won’t become an enviable nation in as much as we fail to see corruptions near our finger tips as a great issue to deal with rather than the highly magnified ones which we have access to daily. You stand not to be a good student of politics if all you do is to blame your government for everything while you fail to see how you are making the system to be at unequal equilibrium due to your barbaric behaviours and a high sense of corruption at low places. Let him without sin be the first to cast the stone!


I personally believe when we accept responsibility by doing out bit, then the nation will be great in our life time.

Isaacola AA


4 Replies to “Sad reality @Isaacsogo”

  1. Like someone said, for Nigeria to be a better place, it starts with each individual. It with me, with you and with us. But it’s always easier for human beings to apportion blame than take responsibility for their own shortcomings. Easier for people and quick too to point accusing fingers. But for this country to move forward, we must be ready to take our share of responsibilities, must be ready to do our part. That way the journey forward can begin…well done sir, for another mind opening post!


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