Bus battle @Isaacsogo

It was a dark dismal and depressing scenario sitting with fat people especially two of them in a commercial vehicle (no offence intended for the A-plus folks). Assuming you are on the big side, you can as well use your fatness to create space in the vehicle and resist cheating that may come from people who are but alas I am of the skinny weeny tiny type.

I found myself in a mini-bus battle yesterday being sandwiched between two A-plus sized women. At a point on the journey, I considered being fat sometimes as an added advantage especially when in a commercial vehicle, though I still have to thank God for my very nature even when all I have to do is to adjust myself every now and then until I maintained a little semblance of comfortability in the vehicle. My fellow passengers did not even seem to notice my discomfort nor did they show any iota of sympathy towards my condition.

All my seemingly body language and facial squeezing expression putting my face in a perpetual scowl move no single hair of mercy on their voluptuous skin. I resulted in mustering a few words of prayers that God should at least minister to them and when it seem that is not working I started praying for the road to be free so I can get to my destination as soon as possible without much delay.

A heavy sigh of relieve escaped from me as soon as my bus stop was in sight and I looked at the face of my tormentors (co-passengers) as I hurriedly disembark from the vehicle praying never to find myself in such a pitiable condition again.

Well, that is life! We all want to be comfortable and some factors put some at a disadvantaged end. We will continue to have some nasty experience in life, but we can not but endure, knowing fully well that it is just for a moment. After all, why would you fight with somebody in a vehicle called ‘commercial/public vehicle’ when it does not belong to either of you even though you paid before boarding or after, better still to take it so easy and calm with people if you do not want to end up being an enemy all in the name of travelling together in the same vehicle. TOLERANCE is the watchword.




4 Replies to “Bus battle @Isaacsogo”

  1. I found myselft in exact situation last week. Tho’ I’m also on d fat side but not that fat. So when I found myself next to 3 enormous women, I groaned. Imagine the discomfort I had to endure all thr way from Ita-Oluwo in Ikorodu to Oshodi! It wasn’t funny at all! And just as you rightly pointed out, life can be related to all these little little or much discomfort. But we just must have an enduring spirit. Thanks a lot for sharing, it really helps in boosting my hope, and to endure a little longer…


  2. not a palatable experience esp when you ride in a Nissan Micra which has more or less become the official cab in ibadan.
    beyond the discomfort however, one has to put things in perspective and know the discomfort is for a while.


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