Carpenter’s son @Isaacsogo


People with purpose can not be held down to a spot. They can not be at a mediocre’s equilibrium hobnobbing with pettiness, instead they move from one place to another just to better their lot and move towards achieving their life’s purpose. As they diligently do this, people with no vision or sense of progress tends to hurl insults on them, tracing their awful background which does not count again (since your foreground has nothing to do with your background). They said to the master Jesus; ‘ Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?’. Purposeful people do not allow themselves to be distracted by insults or criticism they march forward with the conviction of steel and singularity of purpose.

The point is that; shallow minded chaps will always find a means of criticising and bringing down people of sound minds especially when they do not understand which in most cases is all the time. Jesus would have remained in his hometown, facing the work of his father, Joseph, but what he carried won’t allowed him to settle down for less if he would ever be a strong force to be reckoned with and bring salvation to humanity. His poor background could not put his back on the poor ground! And so, he became a centre of envy for the non-succeeding chaps.

Those who are uttering this nauseating statement, I guess never travelled out of their environs, they were so satisfied with the home based popularity people are giving them, but when a man whose life is on a purpose comes around, he swallows every other useless popularity being demonstrated by these people because he is no match with them (He is shoulder-high above all the mediocre who are zeroes pretending to be heroes).

Listen, purpose carry a man to places, even where he least expected. It exposes him to new things thereby upgrading such a fellow, having a mental shift from being a local champion to a world-wide achievers. When others are making frantic effort to launch out into purpose fulfilment do not be caught napping – work towards making today better than yesterday come what may, no yesterday is permitted to be better than today.

When your colleagues are devising techniques to make a head way in life, you are saying it doesn’t matter. Well, it won’t be a matter until a matter arise, putting them ahead of you while you are in no match with them. When people are not succeeding, they tend to criticise people who are doing fine out of jealousy or feeble-mindedness do not be side tracked.

Jesus won’t be depending much on recommendation of people in his home town because they are not the determining factor for the incredible success he will have in life. There are still many places to go and that was why it was not a big issue to him. His people can not be the barrier to his purpose fulfilment in life neither should yours.

Accusers can not stop you if you carry within you God’s purpose, they can only insult, they will not be able to halt your purpose because you are not to be local champion in your place of birth alone.There are still new mountains to conquer.

In as much as you have ideas on how to bring about changes to your world, never mind the myopic views of people around, shun it all and pursue your purpose with a committed heart until it turns into a reality. Never mind the opposition if you are ever ready to get to your desired place. That you are born of a carpenter should not be strong enough to put you at a discouraging end. You can always be the best in whatsoever you have determined to, all you need is to be passionate about it, not minding what people say… Your background should be a propelling force to your destination, therefore, never let derogatory statements about your background to put you at a dead-end.
Be focused! Let your eyes be SINGLE.



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