Like a lion 3 @FeyiAdesanya

Like a Lion- Part 3

It will interest you to know that of the 24 hours in a day, the lion sleeps for about 20. The implication of this is that it does most of its hunting at night. That’s about the time when its would-be prey is probably snoring. The strategy is simple, attack at the unlikely time; a time when all guards are down.

In fact, the lion’s sight is well suited for night vision; he is no doubt the pestilence that “walketh in darkness”. Similarly, the devil patiently awaits the believer’s down-time; a time when everything seems to be well and so your spiritual antennas are on sleep-mode.

The devil knows that coming at you during ‘the day’ won’t be an easy task, you will easily sense him at work and so he chooses the night time. One thing that is synonymous with night is sleep. Once a Christian begins to slow down on prayers, believe you me he is already sleeping! In the natural, sleep is a necessity but unfortunately in the spiritual, it is a luxury you can’t afford. To this end Jesus warns “watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation…”- Matthew 26:41.

The night attack is not only common to lions but in fact almost all wild animals. If you have ever been in the boys scout, you probably will be acquainted with the term “Burn-fire”. When camping outside in the wild especially at night, it is of utmost importance to keep the fire burning the reason being that it keeps wild animals far away. The bigger and fiercer the fire, the lesser the chances of being attacked. As it is in the physical, so also it is in the spiritual. The more prayerful you are, the farther demons will be. Likewise the less prayerful you become, the more demon activities you will have around you. No wonder it is said “a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian”.

It stands to reason therefore that any and every activity (including excessive church activities) that is thriving at the expense of your personal devotion is aimed at no other thing than to make you SLEEP. Once that is done, you can be sure to expect the LION…it’s either you PRAY or become a PREY, be sober, be vigilant!

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Isaacola AA


4 Replies to “Like a lion 3 @FeyiAdesanya”

  1. Just got around to read this. The impact is thunder-like! But there’s something that used to happen to me. There was a time that the more I prayed, the greater the challenges, then I would refuse to pray for a long time. But now, I realized the devil was placing me exactly where he wanted me. So I decided never to stop praying, even if it’s just offering sacrifices of praises alone to God. The devil is such a liar, a deceitful, manipulative bastard! (Sorry abt d profane word, but it’s true abt d devil) it will make one feel like God isn’t listening, but I’m wiser now. Thanks a lot for sharing, God Bless U sir…


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