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There is the likelihood in this part of the world to blame people for every of our failures and misfortunes in life. Even if the excuse does not exist, we try to create one so that people will not see us in a bad light or to elicit sympathy.

No matter how logical your excuse may be, every failure recorded is one which you have permitted and is never a function of anybody.

Every excuse you give is one that you have created as an individual. You do not grow or make progress in life if all you do is to live your life on somebody else’s opinion because in as much as you do that you will never be able to take responsibility for your life.

Every explanation for your failure is called an excuse and no one is interested in listening to how you failed. Instead, it is how you succeed that is of interest to people. If you keep blaming your teacher or lecturer for failing, will that change the fact that you failed? If your family background is all you capitalise on for not making it, have you not read about or seen those with worse backgrounds yet they made a headway in life?

It is either you have an excuse for failure or an explanation for success. The point is that even if that fellow who you daily blame is not responsible for your misfortunes, it is nearly almost certain that you will still fail.

The same excuse some people give for failing is what someone else turns into an opportunity for success. It all depends on an individual and his/her perspectives,whether right or wrong.

Excuse(s) only limit what a man can do because his/her mental configuration is in the wrong direction. The moment you have a mental shift from what people are doing to affect your life negatively to what you can do to take your life serious and make meanings with it, you start to record incredible breakthrough in life.

People can only suggest how you should live, the choice is yours. It may be true that somebody somewhere is working to see you down but God has given you the grace to reverse the reaction so as to live a life that is expected. You don’t have to join the league of those that never see things working around them because of influences outside them. If you don’t work things out for yourself, people will definitely work it out for you and it may not be as you want, but then who are we to blame?

That is why you must drop unnecessary reasons why things are not working for you!

In the journey of life, you must do well to clearly define your life. Your friends can make either positive or negative impacts on your life, but the larger percentage of who you will become still rests on your decision as a vision oriented fellow. You have the option of either allowing people to squeeze you into their ideas of life that may not work for you or working yourself into the right principles that will yield maximum result for your daily living.

Friends, you are responsible for whatsoever you are passing through. In you lies the ability to redefine things that are against your progress. Blame no one! Whatever you’ve is what you accepted!


Special thanks to Seye Babalola (@oscarpoems) for his insight and contribution.

Isaacola AA


13 Replies to “Excuses @Isaacsogo”

  1. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses! To say that you’re telling the Truth is an understatement. In fact you hit the nail on the centre of it’s head, you hit the bull’s eye! I remember I was once like that. Blaming my parents for all that befell me, then I blamed my older siblings for not helping or giving me support. Then I blame myself for misfortunes and I almost blame God too. I realised that while I was busy sharing blames, I remained on a spot, stagnant, even things started to move backward! But I thank God I’m now wiser, I decided to take the bull by it’s horn and move forward. Now, I’m progressing, because I decided to take a ride on my challenges to achieve my aim. But with this post, you’ve reminded me to keep pressing forward and never look back. Thanks a lot, this is a wonderful write-up, a great reminder and a lesson…


  2. That is an absolute truth of life. The earlier we know this,the better we become. Joseph being a carpenter would not be an excuse for Jesus not venturing into His God’s given ministry. He was given a talent and all of his excuse was on the premise of those given more than him and at the end,he was cast away. That is what excuse(s) does to a man!


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