Life’s Law @Isaacsogo


You do not pray for harvest when you have sown nothing. The law of harvest(ing) is dependent on what you have sown. It is a natural principle of life that cannot be manipulated or changed.

Contrastingly however, very many of us want to reap where we have not sown. We want a bountiful harvest when we have sown sparingly; always wanting people to bless us when we hold on tightly to what should be given to people around us. A tight fisted man cannot receive anything until he open his hand!

I once concluded that “if you are not receiving much, it may be that you are not giving much”. It is simply a chain reaction which cannot be disturbed once started.

However, the truth is that we have the trait of being stingy in this part of the world, that we are self-centred, not ready to let go out of the much that we have. Even if some people have things overflowing, they will still continue to say that they do not have, an attitude which makes them to be tight fisted so that people in need will not ask from them.

Meanwhile, life is not all about what you do not have, it is about what you have that others do not have. When you supply the need of others, you will surely receive what you do not have. Giving opens the door for receiving ( a tight fisted one cannot receive except he releases the one in his hand).

In fact, there is a great joy in giving than in receiving. I have tried it times without number and it works.

My thoughtful conclusion in the aspect of giving is that your pressing need(s) is/are in the hands of somebody somewhere but it will never locate you until you release that which is in your own hands to the person that needs it.

Failure to do this, only makes you a stagnant pool; and when a pool is not flowing, it will definitely be a breeding ground for harmful organisms, so also is the case of those who never thought it wise to be a blessing by opening their hand to give to others.

You are not blessed until you start being a blessing to the world around you. Is somebody looking at this issue of giving from a very wide angle or in terms of monetary value alone? No! Giving and being a blessing is very much more than that. You may not have money, but you may be blessed with sophisticated ideas that can help others, why not share it with them so that they can become successful. Or do you know that what some people need is not a great push, it is just a little push that will take them from where they are to where they ought to be. What others may need is that working advice of yours in order to make a headway in life. So why are you holding everything close to your chest? Why are you so careless about the progress of others? Why are you self-centred?

Success in life is not defined by wealth or affluence, instead it is all about influence, that is the number of life you positively impacted. When you sow joy into the lives of people, you will reap joy in return, and if it is bitterness, you will not escape it.

Will you plant maize and harvest okra? Impossible! Whatever you sow, you will reap. People that you fail to help may likely in the future overtake you by surprise and that is when you will know the magnitude of what you have done or left undone.

Can we end it by saying that you must by now try to shift your focus from what you do not have to what others don’t have that you have. Meet their needs and God will meet yours. The law of sowing and reaping is natural, you do not pray for it. If you sow well, with time you will reap well.
Invest into the life of others and your joy will know no bound.



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