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I have on several occasions by God’s GRACE had the opportunity of engaging in argumentative competitions and discussions on normal issues of life which ultimately resulted into arguments. Over this period of time, I have the knowledge of what it takes to argue, what to and what not to argue. That is why often times, I choose not to waste my energy talking. After all, the duller the axe head, the harder the work; more brains, less muscle. As a result of this, I would love to simply drive home my points so as to argue right and know how to better handle it.

You must understand the kind of person you are arguing with. If you argue with a person who is of lower intellectual capacity than you, there is no need to add more flesh to the argument because people that know nothing are always very difficult to handle (a case of an empty barrel making the loudest noise). They always want to believe that their wrong views and ideas are the best. Nothing you say is relevant. Do not waste your time, cut the argument short by ending it on a good ground, making the fellow feel as though he has won the argument.

Time is too precious to be wasted in arguing with a non entity. As much as you give attention to a fool, you make him sound wise. It doesn’t mean that you are weak, it is just a sense of maturity.

In addendum, I have seen people both on social media and even on stage competing, going all out to attack the personality of who they are arguing with. That is a wrong approach. S/he is not your enemy, it is just your perspectives about the subject matter that are different. Some that even have good points spoil it with bad approach. How will you reconcile that? It is not all about insulting words, it is wisdom that counts. If at all you want to be hot on the fellow, there are styles you use and that is by cunningly controlling your language in a more mature way that the fellow will not feel hurt.

Do not go all out arguing with people to provoke them to anger. It is all about your opinion, not your abusing words.

In the process of time, I accommodate insulting people because two of us must not be mad at the same time. It is all about understanding and maturity. All I need is not to attack who you are or your opinions, it all about how rigid my points are. If for example I write about our president and I painted him in the way you do not like, what you should do is to pick up your pen and write what you think about him and not go about castigating me or what I have written.

Our opinions in life are sometimes two parallel lines that will never meet. Besides, s/he is not your enemy therefore you still have to treat him/her right even when you don’t share the same views. A gentle word in argument washes down the misconceptions of people and throws light to them that they have acted foolishly.

How would you feel if I address you as a friend and not as an enemy while arguing? At least a little bit of the ignorance you wear would be conquered by my “Solomonic wisdom”. Those who think that a matter raised is enough to speak anyhow are yet to realize that the argument will be over and life will continue but words once spoken cannot be taken back.

Friends, I am not interested in high sounding nonsense before I understand your points and I do not have all the time to be blabbing to let you see how superior I am about a matter. It takes maturity and wisdom to speak. Anybody can speak, but not everybody will make sense with the words spoken.

Smiling while arguing does not mean that you are weak or giving in to your opponent, it is just a technique to wash down your opponent’s ignorance. Two wrongs can never make a right!
Whenever you have the opportunity to argue with people, be wise enough to take the issue lightly on the surface but with vibrant points on the inside. You do not shout to create and win the audience to your side, it is being logical that is required. You may be shouting, yet making no meaning at all! That is why you must be articulate as you bring out your points with well polished grammar. Do not reciprocate the ignorance of your friend, just cool him/her down and you will get it clear.

People that have an understanding of this, will never see reasons to pick offence in what people are saying because they are very vast in this aspect. Next time when you are to argue, be more friendly and choose your words in such a way that it will not bring enmity. If you have a non-yielding friend, leave him to avoid any form of dispute. You can always allow people to live in the reality of their myopic views while you go about with what is the best.


2 thoughts on “Argument @Isaacsogo

  1. Rightly put together! I’ve find myself in such situation many a time. And like you said, arguing blindly or with someone lacking understanding is a task no one should embark on. Thanks for sharing, Great Job once again!


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