Like a lion 4 @FeyiAdesanya


At 30 meters radius from a hungry lion, anybody is a prey. Its first port of call is usually the oesophagus (throat). The lion fastens its sharp claws and teeth on the very tract that transports food and air, in a few minutes the animal suffocates to death. It’s almost as though the lion pressed the self-destruct button.

The intelligence behind this is simple; deny the animal of its life’s fuel and watch it self-destruct. As it works for the lion, so also it does for the devil. The word of God is the food and air the believer lives on. In Jesus’ words; “…Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”- Matthew 4:4 so technically speaking, a believer lives on the word. No word, no life! Whatever therefore threatens the intake of the word is actually gunning for the believer’s life.

So how does the devil cut-off the flow of God’s word to the believer? he usually goes about it subtly, in such a manner that you probably will not notice until you are near dead or even totally dead spiritually in some cases. (That guy can make you smile while killing you). The key word for him in this operation is “choke” and one way he achieves this is by getting you busier. He knows you have only 24 hours and so he will fill it up with as many activities as possible so much so that you will have less and less time to study or even listen to the word of God.
These activities wouldn’t look harmful in fact, they often come in form of increase in your business or promotion in your career (which of course comes with more responsibilities to scramble for the same 24 hours a day). Guess what, some of these activities can even be church or religious programs. I think this is a personal favourite of the devil because it is deceptive; he is okay as long you are in church but not in touch, he is okay also as long as you are close to the church of God but far from the God of the church. Even the pastor is not immune to this trap; ministerial increase can be a blessing but if care is not taken, the devil can use it to “choke” the minister. You know a chef who forgets to eat will die while cooking for others one day.

This sickness is not without symptoms. Are you having lesser thirst and passion for the word of God than before? Are you having lesser time for the word than before? Is the word of God now boring to you? Do you find yourself doubting God’s word as against before? Do you find yourself having lesser respect for the word of God than before? If your answer to all these diagnostic questions (or at least most) is yes, you are most likely being “choked”. The good news however is that you are not yet dead, you can still revive! Just like David ran after the lion that took his sheep and rescued it, Jesus the good shepherd is willing, ready and able to get you back if you will allow Him. He is always only a prayer away. On your own part, cut out more time for the word of God. Just as you know how important it is for you to eat physical food no matter how busy you are, see feeding on the word of God as a matter of life and death. By all means, make sure you don’t “choke”!

President, The Teacher Ministries

Join the LA family where we study and live by the word. You will never regret it.

Isaacola AA

2 thoughts on “Like a lion 4 @FeyiAdesanya

  1. Thank You sir, for this #SpiritualEyeOpener! We need it very much in this present day! We are all busy doing Nothing, May God Help Us all In Jesus’ Name…


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