We are the Government @FeyiAdesanya

Isaiah 9:6

The prophecy over Jesus hundreds of years before He was born calls him the prince of peace, the everlasting father, the mighty God, counselor, the wonderful one. Today as His church, we see these attributes and even more. What a blessing we are to know and be known by Him. However, beyond being prophecy, those words form the very mandate of Jesus and His church after Him. Which brings me to the part of that mandate we talk less about if at all we talk about it “…and the government shall be upon his shoulder”. Did I hear you say politics? Yes! Politics. Is God interested in politics? Yes and yes! He is. Isn’t that a dirty game? No, there is no such thing as dirty politics, there are only dirty politicians. Once you change the players the game will no doubt change.

The situation we find our country today is because the church has failed to put the government in the place it belonged on His shoulder. We say we are not of the world, true! But we must remember we are in the world. We stay aloof and watch from afar, we’ll rather pray for the devil in power other than install an angel and what do we get in return; anti-gospel policies, burnt churches, persecutions and our programs banned from being aired just to mention a few. This is unlike comrade Jesus; the one that lived and died a revolutionary. All His life He preached a better order of government, government from above, a government void of corruption, one that solves the problems of its people; the government by God by His people for His people. For this reason He was killed, the accusation on His cross reads “this is Jesus the king of the Jews”.

But it didn’t end there; He passed the baton to us His church. His last words and wish says “go ye into all the world [the social systems business, sport, music, POLITICS…] and preach the gospel [of the kingdom]” “go ye therefore and teach all nations…”. To go means to leave where you are; to swing to action; to move; to take part. That’s what Jesus said. He didn’t say we should sit, watch and wait as we are doing today. He said GO! Enough is enough, It’s time for us to take up our mandate, time to take the bull by the horn, we are the government!

President, The Teacher Ministries

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Isaacola AA

One thought on “We are the Government @FeyiAdesanya

  1. Most times, we don’t really know our value as children of the Most High. We read the Bible but we really don’t always follow the instructions to the letter. I just pray that God will open our Hearts for Better understanding of the Word and It’s Value in everything we do…


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