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We live in the world of on and off. Yesterday success suddenly becomes a failure on the platform of today, and before you know it the story would not be the same tomorrow. Such is the irony of life. As much as a constant change in the environment and things around, it is important for any wise “Homo Sapien” to get updated with the flow of change in the event of things if s/he would not love to become outdated.

Knowledge is all-encompassing. It’s not limited to one direction with respect to education. If all you want to attribute all of your energy to is that field of your study, you may not be meeting the demand of a no-one-way century that we are. There is a need to know little about everything. Failure to do this will only lead to limited opportunity for broader impact. It is the lack of this understanding that makes an average Nigerian youth or student to be lopsided. You talk about politics, he will say “how does that concerns me when I am yet to be done with introduction to bacteriology?” Tell him something different from the norm he is exposed to, he is not interested.

Education is not as we think it to be though we have been poorly oriented to see living our lives only as a bookworm who lives in the darkness of what is flying around in the world. Information is power! You have easy access to internet but then you still don’t use it as a vital tool to gather life-transforming information. And how would you be able to thrive in the oceans of any subject of discussion when you are not vast at it. You will only be looking like a fool in the midst of information loaded friend of yours.

No wonder, some of us are easily deceived because we have not the right knowledge (information) at our disposal about issues and easily fall a victim of lies, accepting what people tell us hook, line and sinker without questioning. It won’t be a surprise when I tell a man that Sanusi Lamido is still the governor of the central Bank of Nigeria and s/he will know his/her head to affirm that. How would he refute it when s/he is not updated?

It will be difficult to buy people’s lies if you expand your knowledge base. In fact, you command respect better when you are speaking with incredible confidence on a topic entirely different from your field. People would be perplexed as they listen to you. That is what information does!

Keep yourself updated if you don’t want to get lost in this century because lack of information makes a man a novice when he ought to be an expert.


2 thoughts on “Update @isaacsogo

  1. Knowledge is Power, you said it all Boss! Even the Holy Book said it that we should/must get Knowledge and in al our getting we should get understanding. Both walks hand in hand, if one should get knowledge about something and not try understanding it, it’s as useless to you as not knowing about it in the first place. In this world where we must survive by all means, one really and truly need to get as much Knowledge and understanding as possible and to keep Up to Dates on everything around. Well done Boss, thanks for sharing…


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