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Merry Christmas to all our esteemed readers, we love you all.

Isaacola AA


Some sing it, talk it and believe that Nigeria is not working and you echo it without giving much thought to it… You are robbing yourself friends. We have the capacity to attract what we profess to ourselves.

Until you have a change of mind, the one that is diametrically opposed to the common belief in this nation, no magic will wriggle you out of eternal obscurity. It’s out of this statement that some make things to work for themselves.

And how will Nigeria work for you when you are not thinking of how to make things work out for yourself. You sit in your comfort zones and expect strokes of magic? Dear friends, things will continue not to work until you take a practically applicable step to break out of your cocoon.

Nigeria economy is not working, and people are making it, breaking new ground as well as setting the pace, yet Nigeria is not working. Sorry, Nigeria only work for those who work out things, not people expecting a sudden fall of manna from heaven. Nothing work on there own, a push is needed. Newton law of inertia better explained that.

You don’t rise by sitting, it is by growing. Growing your ideas and knowledge in whatsoever you have determined to do. Reading about the rise of people, it wasn’t a day job, but it takes relentless effort and unwavering commitment.

Today, they are globally celebrated and yet you still settle with that old tale that nothing is ever working. As long you persist in such a thought, being stagnated is inevitable. Well, you may become so familiar with newspapers carrying boldly the bad image(s) of the country’s economy. You might have seen logical analysis which distinctively summarises the non-functional systems of our nation and how it is fast paralysing people from achieving great things in life. As good and true those analyses and news may be, does that really stop people of creative and innovative mind from making it with excellence? You need to wise up.

Change your confession to get into your rest. The more you settle with those words, the more incapacitated you become.
If Nigeria is not working, work it out for yourself if you don’t want with time go to the land of no relevance.


2 thoughts on “Perspective @Isaacsogo

  1. Positive Thinking affects positive outcome and vice versa. An Enlightening End of the Year insight. Thanks a lot sir, for all you have done through your Pen this 2014. Looking forward to get more from you come 2015 in Jesus’ Name…


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