Issue @Isaacsogo


I was stuck up thinking just as many issues of life crisis crossed my mind and was trying to figured out something from the small corner of my mind. I want to be sure it was not worried because that is potent enough to cause a physiological and emotional trauma. As I was sitting on a keg and reading with rapt attention the book titled ‘The beautiful ones are not yet born’, it was becoming more boring and with time there wasn’t any internal drive to continue with the book.

I know I lost appetite for eating that I found it difficult to finish up two packs of indomie noodles. Wish I could but every fibre within my being wasn’t in support. Though I hate the culture of waste, but got no option than to throw the rest away. Don’t really know what to do.

As I edge gingerly through the door, it dawns on me that I am not getting younger instead I am advancing in age and come with this development is a great responsibility. Well, you wonder why at my age I would be thinking in that line. And so in your best conclusion, you see it to be ridiculous.

Well, life is not more than this that you don’t just become carried away by your past achievements or the respect people accord you because of what you can do or what God had helped you to achieved. Not only is it good to check the years you have already lived, but it is very wise to consider how you want to spend the rest of your life. It is by living in the consciousness of this terrible truth that you will be able to analyse your life more objectively. We cannot just be waking up to each day without the sense of what to do or to make each day fruitful.

To those who knows that great responsibility is hanging on their heads will not joke away their time or be careless with proper planning of their lives. Or who is that man who will want to build a house and will not first sit down and make an estimate of the cost? The future a man does not plan for will come to him or her by surprise. So, it is either you are ready for your future or it comes to you by surprise. Simple!

The truth is that we cannot forever be depending on the crumbs from our parents no matter how wealthy they may be. It is a wise thing to look beyond and be more visionary if we ever have the mind of being productive to become independent. Life is design for people who knows where they are going and knows how to get there. You can’t just be living life at the detriment of others.

Yes! Age is counting on us but we can always keep our mind active and productive which will in turn put smiles on us and make us live as though we are a new-born baby. God never give brain to man just to occupy a space, it is simply for a purpose, neither is the mind there to get rust. Note that; whatever you do not use with time become useless.
Keep your mind young even while you are getting older!


2 thoughts on “Issue @Isaacsogo

  1. *Sighs* this sure is speaking to me right now. I’m gonna begin count ma days so as to apply my days to more Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.
    Thanks Boss…


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