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I have no doubt in me that the entertainment industry plays a prominent role in influencing the society to a large extent. Ordinarily, the first intention of this industry if I don’t miss my guess is to impact the society positively, socially, morally as well as to educate the populace. To rescue our society from being infected and infested by all forms of social menace that is growing at an unbearable level at an alarming rate world all over. These and many more are what the common man awaits this system to stand for.

And with fast increase in the moral decadence in our society, I or we hope that an equal proportion of action would be taken by this system to counter this negative trend, thereby winning the war against indiscipline and set our society free of this grip of impunity but the reverse seems to be the case with Nollywood championing the case for nudity and wantonness.

However, with all of these tangible expectations, why has the game changed? Why does the industry continue to inflame immorality? Why has NOLLYWOOD turn to NOLLY-NUDE? And so for a very long time we have been ransacked by the supposedly messiah that we think will help correct abnormalities in our society. Such is the irony of the time we live in. A time in which if parents are not careful about the choice of the movies they expose their children to, they will be carried away by gross perverseness portrayed on our screen. The little ones get nothing educative to learn instead it is a replicate of nauseating and ungodly languages that they produce.

Is like the industry is more concerned about making profit than to impact knowledge and rebuild our lost virtues and integrity. Am I saying that it is wrong to make profit? No! But all am saying is that making profit should not be a strong force to erode the original motive behind this industry.

In my personal opinion, Nollywood is hell-bent on out doing Hollywood in exposing privates in public and also in celebrating foul language.

Although the industry may be growing in strength and popularity but much is expected from them than the junks they are dishing out. A mere view of some posters pasted for advert postulates theories not to talk of watching the movie. Immoral dressings, nudity and so many others are now the norms in the industry instead of being an exception. So, what lessons are they trying to teach those that are emotionally weak and soft-hearted? For so long, they have served people on the devil’s table.

While we may be thinking that I am painting them so bad as though they have not done anything good. Well, I am not doing so as you may think that I am being insincere in x-raying why the industry suddenly become a cog in the wheel of progress compared with those ones I use to know and watch back then while still very little in age. Though, I don’t watch much of movies except those that by accident I am opportune to watch, they are more of nonsense than sense. And to whom brain is given, sense is expected.

How do we redeem the constantly wearing away value of ours? Can we still depend on this system to once again tell us what they stand for? Can we count on them as a viable industry to help in this quagmire our society suddenly found itself? The truth is that the industry can regain its lost glory if only there would be a sanctuary of reasoning. However, if they refuse not to change gear, I think parents must be ready to take the full responsibility of teaching their children the best way of God since charity begins at home. If they will fail in this aspect,the disaster would be too strong to avoid. And to the adult,there should be a good choice of what and which type of movie to watch. You don’t just feed your hungry eyes with anything. Whatever cannot impact your life will only ransack your sense of reasoning.

When Nollywood turns Nolly-Nude, a great concern must arise to curb this.


4 thoughts on “Nollywood @Isaacsogo

  1. To say that you hit the nail on the head will be an understatement of the century. I thought I was the only one concerned about the injustice the industry is doing to young children of this generation. For one, I stopped watching Nollywood Movies, especially the Igbo version(at least the Yoruba Movie industry hasn’t extend there own to parading naked on screen) a long, lon time ago because of their movie parts thet won’t end and disjointed. You watch a title of a particular movie from 1-4, then the continuation of the same movie will be released under a new title that will also have patt 1-4! Imagine.
    And about the immorality in the industry? That’s a topic that can be made into a thick novel for it’s volume! This problem isn’t about the Nollywood alone, look at our movie industry. Majority are just making noise which made me wonder who are blind or deaf enough to produce this people. I saw a video of one singer called Olamide titled ‘Dongoyaro’, boy should you see the nude girls opening their privates to camera! I cringed at that video, and to think it’s one of the latest songs the teenagers dance to now a days. It’s amazing that the Censor board fold their arms and allow all these #Nonentities murder our precious culture and belittle us all in the name of copying Hollywood! And now they’re worse off than the people they claim to be copying. We need a helping Hand from Above, Divine Intervention from God. Thanks a lot for another insightful post Boss, it shall always be Well with You…


    1. Its high time we rise up to the challenge because if care is not taken, the ABnormal will become the norm! Thanks Mi’lady Jules for baring your mind as usual


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