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We really appreciate everyone who one way or the other contributed to the success of this blog, we love and appreciate you all, its been a worthwhile journey this past two years.


I don’t want to start with the classic “I have a dream of Dr Martin Luther King Jr” of blessed memory, but I do believe in a Naija that works and I believe it is going to be a reality in my life time, you may believe otherwise but in my very eyes I will see these dreams come to pass.

I will see the Fourth Mainland Bridge and the second Niger Bridge in my life time.
A network of roads well constructed, roads connecting all the nooks and crannies of this blessed father-land called Nigeria. Roads devoid of trailers occupying nearly all the lanes, roads without cracks and craters on the expressway. A road network with well defined drainage that is not clogged by PET bottles or polythene nylon for pure water. A road network that can compete with the German Autobahn in smoothness and expanseness.

A health sector that is robust and well structured to cater for the teeming masses of people of this land. Hospitals with functional staffs and equipment where simple procedure can be carried out without fear of unnecessary complication. Where the President will not have to travel to treat simple malaria nor the daughter of the Senate President going for a tummy tuck because all these will be handled professionally locally. That our aged will not be at the mercy of the society but there will be a programme in place to care for our elderly. Organ transplants will be a minor issue because we have the human, capital and the WILL to see to it that these reforms will be pushed through until we become the Health Hub of our African brothers north and south of the equator.

Our education section will be the envy of the other African countries and even the so called rushing out to Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, India and China for better and affordable education will be a thing of the past. A NewNaija in which education will be affordable to the masses and the public; a Nigeria where education will be competitive enough such that the much maligned government schools will challenge the so-called high standard private schools. A NewNaija where education will be given utmost priority by the authorities where a large chunk of our budget will be allocated to making innovative development in the education sector.

A NewNaija where even the indigent members of the community are catered for by well planned, carefully thought out programme for the less privileged ones. A NewNaija where we will not have millions of the school aged pupils and students hawking things in the traffic or even being subjected to child labour to raise money or to augment their family’s income. An educational system that would lay emphasis on entrepreneurship at the expense of raising a lazy and dependent generation on government for everything.

A NewNaija where our electricity supply is constant, accessible and affordable to the populace since no industrial revolution is possible without constant power supply. Electricity being generated from Nuclear, solar, chemical and hydro plant to meet the need of the growing and industrious population. Enough electricity to cater for Sub-saharan Africa without qualms. A NewNaija where you will not be thinking of buying ‘I-beta-pass-my-neighbour’ generator to start a small recharge card or pure water business.

I believe the Naija of my dream will become a reality soon.

A NewNaija where our best brains are not taking flight out of the father-land in drones seeking greener pastures because what they seek abroad will be on board in the land of our birth. A NewNaija where you are not limited by the circumstance of your birth but by the smallness of your dreams and aspiration. A NewNaija where state of origin will be a thing of the past but the emphasis will be place on state of RESIDENCE.

A NewNaija where you will not be judged by your tribe or religion but by the content of your character.

A NewNaija where economic growth on paper will have translatable physical manifestation on the populace; not economic boom on paper but economic DOOM in the reality on ground as we have at present. A NewNaija where growth will be measured by all the relevant indices with job creation taking the fore. A NewNaija whose economy will grow faster than that of Japan.

A NewNaija where all our economy will not be dependent on the oil sector but emphasis will be on the non-oil sector of the economy. A NewNaija where somersault or nose dive in the price of oil in the international market will have little or no effect on the economy.

A NewNaija with measurable infrastructural development. Where each region and state will be developing at its pace and development will not be concentrating at the centre but all villages, towns and cities will grow together side by side without interference. A NewNaija where all the structures are in place, where a large chunk of the budget every year is dedicated to Education and Infrastructural development. Where seventy percent of our budget will not be used to service recurrent expenditure and nothing for capital project.

A NewNaija where our orientation will change to reflect no tolerance for corruption and corruptive tendencies. Where we will look forward to being called first as Nigerians than a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa man. Where services will be delivered in a five star manner with no inducement for favour or cash. A NewNaija where everything works and where our security operatives are as trained as the Israelis force.

These are my dreams for a NEWNAIJA , I believe with all my might that these dreams are possible. If you and I do our bit, these dreams are possible.

Isaacola AA
@NewNaija on twitter

11 thoughts on “NewNaija dream

  1. Oh yes! I believe too, of a #NEWNAIJA! May God bring this wonderful Dream to Reality in Jesus’ Name!


  2. you know this morning, I was listening to a radio program and they were talking about Nigerian workers and strike and all those stuff.. the kind of Nigeria you dream about, I’m sure, is the one all patriotic citizen want. it is possible if we all come together to make it work and not dump the responsibilities on the shoulders of the government. it is possible if we work as one and build the nation we want. it starts with your area, your church and so on. give your best to those around you. as an individual, you can make a change….


  3. This is absolutely interesting. And together as one united citizens of our dear nation, these enormous objectives are indeed achievable.
    I will however, like to keep in touch with you, for a possible role, voluntary in your blog.
    I wish you the best of luck.


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