We are all guilty as charged!

Don’t even mention it, especially in Lagos, Nigeria. Our impatience stink to high heavens and is well placed on the world ranking. Do read the below excerpt from a discussion I saw a while back.

Customer service: Hello good morning, my name is XYZ, how may I help you?

Mr A: Good morning, you can help me by fixing my BIS. I paid for forty-eight hours ago and you people are yet to connect me.

Customer service: I am so sorry for that Mister eeerhm A, you will need to switch…

(Cuts in)

Mr A: Don’t give me that, young woman. I have done that times without number in the past two days and you are telling crap.

Customer service: Okay sir. Like I said earlier, we are so sorry for the inconvenience, our technical people are on it. Please hold on the line let me transfer you to the right section.

Mr A: I am already getting pissed with all these. Your sweet nonsense isn’t working with me. Whatever you call yourself, I need my BIS ASAP or else…

After some two minutes, the call was connected to the proper section.

Customer service 2: Good morning Mr. A. You will need to exercise a little patience sir. Our team of engineers are working on the issue sir. I believe before the end of the today, the issue will be fixed.

Mr A: Pleeeeease, cut that crap, did I tell you my name is Jonathan? Why will you ask to me exercise patience? Please and please your president married all the patience in Nigeria. Fix my BIS or else…

Now you and I need to discuss the above issue. A little patience can fix a lot of problems. We can nip them in the bud before degenerating into a bigger problem. When faced with such situation, don’t speak or act in anger. use the golden rule”do unto others what you will want them to do to you”. Exercise patience because words when let out cannot be retraced.

A little patience is all we you and I need.

Isaacola AA

@newnaija on twitter


22 Replies to “IMpatience”

  1. Truth…on point, a little patience can fix a lot of mess. But patience is easier said than done. It must be acquired over series of failed attempts. So help us God. Thanks for this article.


  2. Patience is a virtue and a fruit of the Holy Spirit that we all need if we are to partake of the promises of God and eat of the good of the land. Thank you for this reminder. May God help us to show forth this fruit always,IJN,amen. This is a great and timely advice coming now(the beginning of the year).


  3. True words sir, was a victim to such act some days back and looking back, it was really not worth the over-reaction. Another good thing about being patient is that when what we have been waiting for finally happens we realize that it wouldn’t have happened at a better time.


  4. Patience is a fruit of the holy spirit that we all need for us to inherit the promises of God and eat of the good of the land. May we desire&ask God to give us this virtue. Nice one Sir and very timely admonition too coming now.


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