“It is madness to do things same way over and over again and expect different result”. If the above statement is right, then the sanity of most of us is called into question. To be sincere can I answer the question “am I mad”? Truthfully in the above light?

It’s a New Year and as usual some of us have made up a long list of New Year resolutions. Whilst some have already discarded the so-called resolutions into the ocean of impossibility. I am not for or against making of resolutions. What I am here to posit to you that until there is a new “you”, there can never be a New Year friends.

We can’t continue to do things the same old way and expect a different result friends. It will be sheer madness to do that. For us to begin to see the results we envision in our various lives, we need to CHANGE the way we live.

Methinks, the reason we have walloped in the ocean of failure is resisting change. We hold dear traditions that will not help our course and resist change in any form. A good example of us resisting change can be seen inside a taxi cab. Common shifting for others is a herculean task that we resist.

I read somewhere on the blogsphere that the chief engineer of the then NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunication) will be useless in today telecommunication. Except he upgrade himself in the ways of doing things in this millennia. If you are not current in the way of doing things now, you cannot be correct. You and I need serious upgrade or else we will outdated. We need to increase our horizons and improve the old ways of doing things. Old and classic methods will need to be jettisoned if we plan to move on with train of progress.

If we have to move our goals from abstract to concrete reality. We will need to be current, upgraded and think outside the traditional BOX.


Watch out for Diary this year. We will be chronicling the happenings in the life of pastor. It promises to be educative and fun-filled.

Isaacola AA



12 Replies to “Madness”

  1. Well, email, you have voiced my voice and my opinions all together. Best I can say now is that this has been well written. The opinion is clear, and by the way, I like how vocal it is. Authority. It’s a good job.


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