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Matthew 7:7

“Ask and it shall be given you; SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. Meditating on these words of Jesus, it became clear to me that the reason we don’t see so much answers to our prayers is not because we don’t ask, we certainly do. In our offices, churches, homes and schools we keep asking God for one thing or the other and since God’s word is true and cannot lie, the moment we ask (according to His will) it is given.

In fact, Jesus said everyone who asks receives- Matthew 7:8. To put this in another way is to say that every genuine prayer (in line with God’s word) you have ever prayed has already been answered.

Well, it’s true that you probably have not seen the manifestation of some of them. There could be a thousand reasons for this, one of which is the middle clause of Matthew 7:7- “SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND”. What Jesus was and is still saying in essence is that when you ask, God gives but it’s your responsibility to search out, be on the lookout for the answer. God answers prayers in a lot of ways some of which are so simple and funny that you could miss them. We must therefore be sensitive and be on the lookout for the answers to our prayers.

Learn a lesson from Elijah the prophet (I Kings 18:41- 44). He prayed and while still at it, he asked his servant to check. What was he doing? Was he in doubt? No, he was simply doing Matthew 7:7, he was expecting something, he was on the lookout, he was seeking for the answer to his prayer and as the story goes he found something. Why? Everyone who seeks finds – Matthew 7:8

If you will add seeking to your asking today, you will soon discover how eager God is to answer your prayers.

President, The Teacher Ministries

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Isaacola AA


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