Pastoral Diary 1


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Dear diary, I will be frank with you and state it the way I feel and the way I understand it to mean. I am a man of the cloth as they say. But I am not just an ordinary one at that, I am the one they call MOG (man of God) extraordinaire. I am eccentric and I don’t just follow the rules as they say it is, I sometime invent my rule. I question things before swallowing them . My thinking cap  is always on and not substituted with religious cap.

I am not the traditional clergy you see here and there. I take the word of God as the last authority in any argument regardless of whose ox is gored. I accept it when I am wrong especially in the light of superior argument with the word. Thus so, dear diary I can come plain to you without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

In my first post as an assistant Pastor. I beg to differ with that title because to me, it is unscriptural. The senior Pastor was not around , I was delegated to pray for a parishioner. She looked okay but the message from senior Pastor said she had health challenges.

As a green horn straight from theological school with a dose of youthful exuberance. I declared her healed regardless . Thank God I didn’t know the nature of her ailment. If I had known that, I am sure I wont be as confident in my  healing proclamation.

After my braggadocio prayer. Prayer laced with many scriptural quotations. I was enveloped with sense of peace beyond my comprehension. I declared her HEALED.

Two months later the woman came back and asked to see me. I was taken aback initially, thinking if anything was wrong. The senior pastor later informed me, that she was suffering from cervical cancer. The cancer was already threatening to kill her in her prime age of forty. She came with all the medical reports. Some were the first test here in Nigeria and confirmatory test.

Dear diary, to say the least I was “flabber-whelmed”. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. It’s not that I doubt God’s healing power but the way it happened dropped my jaw! God still wrought miracle by-passing the human reason to do His will.

Can you believe that? In truth I was not sure my faith was strong enough when God healed her. Perhaps God looked at her faith alone?. To God be praise, the woman is healed. And I don’t see myself contributing anything other than my prayers. Now I am looked at in somewhat way akin to a miracle worker.

Dear diary, I now know God can by-pass people to reach out to his own people. Lesson number one I learnt as a greenhorn Pastor.

Pastoral Diary

Pastor XY


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18 thoughts on “Pastoral Diary 1

  1. This is a good story, really good… Talking about things pastors hid from the public eyes… However, edit the next one better to make it even smoother to read… As for the nomination thing, thank you 🙂


  2. Coincidentally I’m reading Charles Allen’s Prayer Changes Things and it’s a blessing to me. Most times the reason we pray is to strengthen our faith in God as we watch how he changes situations in our lives. I really do love the story and I pray healing into the lives of those on their sickbeds, especially a three year old girl who is plagued with a tumor in one of her kidneys. May God heal her.
    Thanks for the blog nomination, Isaac


    1. Amen to that prayers, I also join my faith with your on that. May the healing power of God flow towards all that are on the sick beck, the hurting and especially that baby with a tumor. May the life of God flow to her and through her to dry up every malignant growth.


    2. I say a big amen to that. As for the little girl, the good Lord shall lay His healing hands on her and there shall be a restoration in Jesus’ name.


      1. True that sir! And I’m looking forward to reading more from our dear Pastor! Waiting in anticipation!


  3. This already looks like something I’ll gladly follow. In our weaknesses, He’s our strength. When doubt and unbelief consumes us, He’s ever ready to use us. Even Moses ruled himself out but God told him he’s worthy. Nice piece boss, and thanks for the nomination.


  4. Oga so many titles ain’t biblical; General Superintendent, Dr of theology, Reverend, ArchBishop, ArchDeacon, Primate, Cardinal, Pope, General Overseer, Associate Pastor and so on but they are all man-coined to help distinguish strata and levels of authority since nowadays we have many subordinates who are supporting the leader. I really don’t care about titles but I do care about performance and everyone knowing his/her place. Again, there is this thing that happens to human shoulders when titles are involved. Many use the titles to feel big and important and sometimes to intimidate others. What matters is performance. A no-titled man can function greatly for God while a heavily titled man will be full of nothingness.


  5. We believe God can do miracles but when we actually see one for ourselves, we are overwhelmed… God is great and we haven’t even seen nothing yet 🙂

    Pastor xy, may your faith continue to grow in Christ 🙂


  6. Dear diary, I am also flabber-whelmed at the way this worked out (some teeth and fingernails fight could have been it). Probably the woman’s faith and your prayer at that time….lol


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