Siting on the wall


You and I want to change Nigeria! Read the following conversation between two young graduates. Who are working in a factory as a casual staff. For the sake of this writing, let’s say they are A and B while their supervisor is C.

A: O boy, I am tired of this country. Who will believe we are graduates. Slaving here as casual worker in this God forsaken dungeon.

B: Um my brother na so we see am o. Imagine this useless politicians, they are not even mentioning millions again. Everything is in billions now. Their feeding allowance is in billions. Security vote is in billions. Their travelling allowance is in billions too. Even their cooks and house helps collect billions too.

A: See us as graduate; we are earning less than forty thousand Naira per month…

Cut in…

B: What did you mean forty! Are we not collecting thirty-three thousand, six hundred Naira per month. With such meagre amount, it is even difficult feeding myself. Remembering my aged parent is almost impossible. Settling down is definitely out of the equation. I am sure the callings cards for these politicians is enough to feed me for a month.

A: My friend, all I want is for the ruling party to lose the election. At least there will be vacancy. My chance of landing a job will be enhanced.

B: What did you mean the ruling party should lose the election? Are you crazy? You want all the “tyrannical aboki” without certificate to be president again. God forbid. Not in my lifetime. This is our time to rule whether we performed or not we must be there……

Cut in…

A: That’s why your life is in this shamble you are. Almost forty and you are not yet married. Shame on you bloody illiterate. Militants are making billions while you are busy slaving yourself for thirty-three kobo. Until we stop this useless sentiment, Nigeria cannot move forward. Tribalism and religious sentiment is the bane of our development in Nigeria.

B: Which forward are you talking about? Tell me one thing that your ‘aboki’ illiterate wants to do when he gets to power. Imprison us all, in the name of fighting corruption? Islamized Nigeria? Let Jonathan continue because God wants him to be there. In fact, it was Buhari’s assistant Tunde Idiagbon that was working thirty years ago. Do you think he can work now after three decades?

A: Islamized Nigeria my foot. Why didn’t all the Christians president Christianize Nigeria. A PhD holder that differentiated corruption from stealing is not worthy of my vote. Learning on the job for six years and yet not doing anything. Surrounding himself with corrupt people. He is planning to fight corruption technologically is laughable to say the least. After six years of romancing corruption. Without catching one person, he suddenly wants to fight the beast. He is not fit to be a president in this twenty-first century. What we need now is positive change.

B: GMB is too old to be my president. You can’t teach old dog new trick, there is nothing new you want to do other than vendetta. Crate-ing us all. I would have even preferred it if it were that Professor. He seems confident and look as if he can do something. But this septuagenarian is…..

Their supervisor walks in and interrupted the conversation.

C: Did you guys have your PVC (permanent voters’ card)?

Both of them grumbled and said no.

C: How do you want to change Nigeria when the simplest thing to do to change is get your PVC? My problem with this young generation is that they talk too much and do too little. For you and me to change this country, we must talk the talk and walk the talk. There is no room for sitting on the fence.

Friends, it is time to vote for the candidate of our choice. No more sitting on the fence. It is time for action. We must back our believe with action. We will see the Nigeria of our dream. If and only if you and I stop the argument and step out to vote at the proper time.

Isaacola AA

12 thoughts on “Siting on the wall

  1. Lool, I don’t have a voter’s card too…. But really so many nigerians can talk, only a handful can act. If you want change and you can’t be the change, make the change happen every little way you can…..


  2. Loool, I don’t have a voter’s card too… But really, many nigerians can talk but only few can act. If you want change and you can’t be the change, you can influence the change happen in every little way you can. As for me, let God’s candidate win


  3. Oh Boy! I don’t have a voters’ card too o! Kai!
    Well let’s not talk the talk alone, we must also walk the walk! Nicely intertwined Boss!


  4. C’s contribution was the most meaningful…..the annoying part with this whole election soap opera is that most of the so-called keyboard warriors and e-campaigners dont even have their pVCs, how much more coming out on that day. For me, i am not impressed by either candidate, I dont know how to choose between frontal rape and anal rape….i have my PVC anyway.


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