Deep sorrow @isaacsogo


Stream of tears flow through her dark shinning cheek. Tears sluggishly entering her parted lips and her feelings of despair was written all over her.

What must have resulted into such a silence soberness? It was too early in the day for someone to be swimming in the ocean sorrow.

I was moved with empathy and ask her what went wrong? Trying to get meaningful word from the muttering lips making soundless words.

In a loving gentle voice, I looked into her eyes and was moved that my manly attitude was nearly punctured. What are we to say, if in the process of providing succour, I am caught with an overwhelming emotion and ended up weeping along with her.

Well, that will worsen the already bad situation. After holding the tears dam at bay I persistently urge her to speak out, she spoke out with tears flowing ceaselessly.

I gave her my full attention without interrupting her to get to the root of her situation.

I was touched to my bone marrow. Growing up like every other fellow. With a great mind of putting to shame the low estate of her parents because they are poverty-stricken.

Her parents had struggled and a times borrowed to see her complete her schooling clinging unto the hope that she will be able to pull them out of their poverty. Doing very well in her academics after death snatched them away.

The death of her father looked burdensome to the mother that she became hypertensive and finally bid good-bye to the world. I trying very hard to hold the floodgate of tears at bay with every passing minute.

As though that wasn’t enough. She continued
through the hurdles of life threw at her, she finished her secondary school excellently.

And the struggle of getting to higher institutions of learning becomes another mountain to climb. As fate would have, she came across a kind-hearted woman was ready to sponsored her tertiary education.

After passing her UTME, she was fortunate enough to gained admission to the university and the journey started. She never for once dreamt of such but due to her relentless effort and divine providence her story changed.

While in school, she lived well thanks to her benefactor. The woman treated her as though she is her biological mother.

She was doing well in her studies and well-known for her exceptional speaking skills and ability to solve others problem. I was happy for a sudden change that took place in her life.

She broke down in tears again, explaining how in the process of time she was carried away by the ephemeral things at the university. She quickly forgot her dead parents as well as the opportunity that she must not waste away. She became high, attending parties and going all out with guys.

She aborted more than three times in the space of one year and this led to a rapid decrease in her academics performances. Although, this ungodly attitudes was not known to her philanthropist.

Shaking my head in regret, she cried the more. But thanks be God that as she was sitting all alone, her mind went back to how rough her journey was and how God favoured her compared to the present ways of life she was living now. It’s like her hope for the future is already dwindling. The damage she had done to herself weakened her that she concluded to end her life. What a conclusion?

Drawing her closer, speaking softly to her, flipping through the pages of the scripture to let her she how great Christ love was and is over her.

As we continued in this discussion, she then realised that God will not erase her future because of her bad deeds in the past. Ooh! What a wonderful relieve she got seeing the love of the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. She resolved to following Him who so loved her so much that He died for her past,present and future sins.

Well, you also must have learnt something from this thought-provoking illustrations. You might have in the past and may be presently squandered/squandering your life. And your simple conclusion is that,’you’re done’. May I tell you that God is willing to take you back with a loving hands of grace.

Your future can’t be erased because of your past. God still loves you and He is ever ready to take you back. Remember the prodigal son.


Watch out for Pastoral diary 2 on Thursday 22nd January 2015. Thanks

Isaacola AA


6 thoughts on “Deep sorrow @isaacsogo

  1. Wow……wow….wow!
    Astounding piece that brings
    Rays of light and hope! Hmmm…
    Our God is merciful and gracious.
    I’m so glad that she made a
    U-turn before it was too late.
    Excellent piece Boss, and
    thought provoking too…


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