Still on my bed @Isaacsogo

Still On My Bed.
When I am down,
I know you will heal me.
When I am weak,
I know that my strength is in you.
When my head is bow down,
I know you’re the lifter of my head.
While tears roll through my eyes,
I know that your handkerchief of mercy will wipe it off.
While darkness surrounds me,
I know that your eyes of light provides illumination.
While my hope is dashing out,
I know that hope in you will not put me to shame.
When my pocket run dry,
your word activated my Faith.
When worries set in, your word said;worry not!

When my friends turn my foes,
your love on the cross holds me tight to you.
And when I was alone in my room,

you made me to be reassured of your presence.



And in my loneliness,
you tell me you are always with me.
And when I walked through the valley of shadow of death,

you said I should fear no evil.
On my bed once again I inked this down,
because you made me see reasons to.
On this way up,I move with incredible confidence,

because your word energized me.
On this tiring and wearying time,I stayed encouraged,
because you spoke to me;be courageous.
What a great rest I have

when you sent your word to me.
What a radiance of joy radiated out of me
when your words mixed with Faith in me.
What a Faith and not loads of fear
when I remember how you calmed the storm.
Friends, still on my bed, I unearthed that God is too faithful to fail and you can always count on Him. He supplies inspirations even in our weaknesses. He spoke to us on our sick-bed that we may learn to reaffirm our faith in Him. That is to tell you that in your troubles,there is something He longed to teach you. Stay connected with God with an unwavering Faith and He will never fail. He that calmed the storm,is ready to give you His peace no matter the situation you are in.
Draw inspiration from your challenges as David in the face of his overwhelming disasters encouraged himself in the Lord. Once again, I encouraged myself in the Lord because He cares for me. Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you!

15 thoughts on “Still on my bed @Isaacsogo

  1. Excellent Poem/Words of encouragement sir!
    Thanks a lot for a wonderful inspirational post.
    Sir, hope ypu are ok? God be with U…


      1. Glad to hear that sir. I am too, thanks.
        No sir, I’m using this old phone to just update and respond to posts. But I’m hoping to buy a new phone ASAP. I’ll let you know once I’m on BBM, thanks…


    1. *Scratching my already shaved head!*
      Erm…sir…kai, dis na gobe o!
      Hmmm…sir…ok. I’ll think hard and
      come up with something sir…lols


      1. Laughing so hard ma ribs are aching!!! Kai, Oga Boss, why naa! Hahaha!!!
        But..erm…try laugh it out sir o, so as not to choke on it! *Flees!* lols!!!!


      2. Lols!!!! Come to think about it.
        I totally forgot your name is laughter!
        And you’re trying not to laugh?!! Kai!
        It can’t/won’t work oooo!!!! Hehehehe!!!!


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