Nigeria before February @isaacsogo


Though they belong to this kingdom, yet they love war.
Others thirst for blood of the innocent.
And they never mind turning the day into gory night.
The water if possible they’ll turn to flowing blood.
While their thoughts are evil clouded,
Some who values peace cry for it to reign.
In every nooks and crannies of the nation, they pray peace.
Their prayers go day and night to heaven.
Seeking the face of the Father above to let His peace come to stay.
But we’re not of them who are interested in the death of others.
W’re not of them who pray for the fall of the nation.
Neither are we happy for the way the nation moves/moving.
And so we mutter ‘Peace’ for the nation.
Praying the Father to silent the blood-letting.
After the election this year,
We hope to see a New Nigeria.
Where angels will no longer live in hell.
Where the young and old will be proud of being a ‘Nigerian.’
and we’d be the envy of other nations.



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