My Nigeria @isaacsogo

The trouble with Nigerians.
The fear of unknown.
The fear of February in January.
The sense of war in the midst of peace.

The cry of violence when it’s yet to surface.

Who plunged us into this mess?
Why are we like this?
Must we be evil conscious all the time?
Why being pessimistic?
Why not optimistic?
We’re black;
and our thinking is dark.
We are giants;
but dwarfed within.
The hope of Africa;
yet hopeless.
Well, we’d not give up.
No matter how bad the insinuations may be.
A clamour for a great nation won’t die like this.
We’d not continue like this.
Our children must live to hear the good version of this nation.
They’d be happy of being born here.
They’d no longer be ridiculed.
And we’d be happy to tell them the Nigeria that we birth.
That is ‘The New Nigeria’


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