Pastoral Diary 4


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Dear diary, I think I will have to vent myself here again. After seeing the display of hypocrisy of the highest order in the house of God today.

You know my reputation for being forthright didn’t just start over night. It was one of those characteristic nature of my father’s house. I imbibed strongly early on in life.

The gentle and genteel soft-spoken elder Tunde . He was one of the few men I can truly called a believer. He slept with a young woman when he was working out of station in Jos. He came straight to the Board of committee of the church to report himself after his trip.

He was not caught either in the act or even afterward. He came out to confess his sin to the church willingly. The verdict of the council was for him to be excommunicated for six weeks sitting separately at the back. He served his punishment dutifully. He never complain or missed a service, even though he was condemned to sitting separately at the back.

Now, one of the choristers is pregnant for elder Nwosu and it’s another story.

The parent of the said girl reported the case to the presiding pastor. And after the so-called church committee meeting. I am told the case became twisted.

The girl was reprimanded for seducing a man of God. The elder was just asked to take care of the girl and the baby. To me that was just handling sensitive issue with gloved hand. I was seething with rage when I heard this dear diary.

Elder Tunde is a decent man and one of the few elder that eschew politicking in the church. Methinks the punishment seems severe. Elder Nwosu however, happens to be the chairman of the fund-raising committee of the church. And he is rumored to give the lion share in the building project of the church last year.

Does Christ teach partiality?

Methinks we are breaking the rule of Christ who does not show favoritism. Why must an elder be patted in the back for an offence and the other punished in my opinion excessively?

I don’t tolerate breaking the rule of the scripture or encouraging sin. But I believe God will never allow double standard in the church. Especially when w e are supposed to champion equal right for our people.

Trust me, I went to meet the presiding pastor on the issue and he was playing with word with me. I told him point-blank, we erred in judgement. And if the issue is not properly handled, it can snowball into a full-scale storm. Which may consume the church.

He called me a prophet of doom and told me to mind my business or I should resign.

Dear diary, I am really contemplating resigning in this church. But first of all I will take it to the Lord in prayer. We are believers and should not make our belly our god. We cannot fear and worship Mammon and God at the same time.

Dear diary, I think some drastic decision will need to be taken soon. I will keep you posted.

Pastor XY


10 thoughts on “Pastoral Diary 4

  1. Before resigning, make sure you consciensize many more of the elders of their wickedness and lack of spirituality.Make sure you also alert as many as possible who don’t know, about the wickedness, so that you will not be saving yourself alone but many people who will soon become victims of their “elderistic” wickedness.


  2. Hmmmm…..and that’s exactly what’s going on in oir churches today! Wonderful episode, I love it!


  3. Politics has really eaten deep into the church. Pastors have sold The Gospel over and over again for naira notes. It is a pity, and Lucifer is glorified here not Christ. I think you should resign. If Nwosu is not punished then hurl in your towel, they ain’t doing God!


  4. This demon of favouritism must be done away with before the church can truly move forward in God’s own direction. Flee from that church lest you end up like Elder Nwosu and miss your eternal reward.
    Dear Pastor XY, thank you for another beautiful and instructive entry.


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