Pastoral Diary 5



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Dear diary, it was a hectic day and I am really drowsy even as I am about penning this piece down. (Yawn uncontrollably and stretching my tired bones. I squeeze my weary eyes to stay awake to write before I forget).

Do you remember I was contemplating resigning from the church the last time I was here? I changed my mind along the line when my senior partner (I mean God) told me I must stay to learn. Here I am still slugging it out here. Battling the senior Pastors on some things I called un-scriptural dealings in the church.

Anyway, today was an unusual day in the church council meeting. Serious decision needed to be made about a naughty issue. Too weird for me to even mention. A young couple is seeking the dissolution of their marriage based on deception.

They courted for two years in the university. Getting married three years after their graduation. They are both filled with energy and very zealous for God. After six month of marriage, the wife is calling for the dissolution of the godly union.

I was one of the minister saddled with the responsibility of getting to the root of the matter. We are to report to the council for right action to be taken. We discovered upon thorough probing that the brother is sterile. He knew he was impotent but did not tell his fiancée until after wedding. I was really disappointed in the said brother.

He and his wife were very reluctant to open up the can of worms but she kept insisting that the husband should bell the cat. After much persuasion, he opened up in tears that he is impotent. And that he was trusting God to heal him on his wedding night. That was not to be the case as he remained sterile still six months even after the wedding.

The argument went back and forward. With the council members arguing for and against dissolution of the marriage. I didn’t really want to say anything. Seeing that I was the only unmarried minister and also the youngest. I was watching with keen interest as each minister seems to know one scripture or the other to back up their stand.

The bickering was really getting to my nerves. We had spent much time achieving nothing. I was really pissed off that, none of the council member consider it fit to ask what the Lord is saying. My senior Pastor noticed my discomfort and decided to ask me my opinion.

I stood up slowly making sure all their attention were focused on me. They were eager to hear what the young opinionated minister will say.

“Brethren, we have no right condemning or acquitting this young man if we haven’t spoken to God about him and what the next line of action is. Who among us here heard from God on this issue before coming here today?” I bellowed in my well toned minister’s voice.

I gave them a thorough look that said my mind non- verbally. How many of you here took time out of their busy schedule to pray. How many asked God for the next course of action for this ones before coming here to sound sanctimonious! What did the scripture actually said in this regard…

I could hear the shuffling of foot and the beginning of murmuring but I was past keeping up with their ecclesiastic holiness. There was no marriage in the first place brethren, since it was founded on falsehood. My humble submission is “this marriage was not ordained by God. it is a farce, therefore the marriage is null and void ab-initio”.

I said my mind and sat down. There was a graveyard silence as the older ministers look at each other. I believe thinking who gave this small boy the audacity to talk to us like that. The sterile husband in question happened to be one of the sons of the most outspoken Elder.

Now I know that my days will soon be over in this parish. Dear diary, I am counting days to my sack letter. I will go to bed and await the fate that await me soonest dear diary.

Pastor XY

8 thoughts on “Pastoral Diary 5

  1. Lols!!!!! Ha Pastor XY! I gbadun your style o! Hehehehe!!! Nice piece!
    But come o, how come the marriage was null
    and void? Was it because it was based on deception, does that mean a marriage can be
    nullified if it was based on deception?
    And on what other ground can one nullify a
    Marriage? Since we know that waht God has
    joined together, let no one put asunder…


    1. What Pastor made me understand is that, the scripture said ‘what God has joined together’ . But in this instance, it was man not God that joined them.

      If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous sister do?


      1. Ok…so how will we know if it’s God or man that’s doing the joining at a marriage ceremony then?


      2. Sir, I really want to understand this.
        Was that because of the deception?
        Or, is there something else???


      3. Yes of course. The relationship was wrong. If he was forth right from the beginning it will be understanding. The ball is the Lady’s court if she will stay, but it was obvious she want out.


      4. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear sir! Thanks. Marriage founded on lies and deceptions isn’t ordained by God. Be truthful, it’s left to the other party to stay or not. Its their decision to make.
        Thanks a lot for this write-up, enlightnening, lessons filled with encouragements….


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