Eyes blazing with righteous indignation. Spittle flying this way and that. Well read dogged eared Bible flipping here and there. Poker dotted tie askew with a checkered shirt drenched on the collar. The jacket is a combination of blazer, suit and coat evoking the comedic “SuiCoBla”. The sweaty arc formed under the armpit of the well-worn “SuiCoBla” very pronounced. The gesticulating hand making it more obvious.

The preacher was shouting on top of his lung. Reeling out message of woe upon woes. I dare say, the preacher woke up from the wrong side of the bed or mat as the case may be.

“You will all perish except you likewise repent”. He bellowed, in well modulated voice.
Backbites, adulterers, fornicator, women wearing trouser,  men wearing earrings, abortionists and the likes. you will likewise perish…

I instantly tuned off. Not wanting to pollute my days with one side message of woes and hell.

After all the dramatic preaching. I was shocked to hear the next thing from the firebrand preacher.

“You need to support the work of my ministry and I can assure you God will bless you”.

I began to wonder if it was God really that called him or lack of job. I am not anti-preaching but…

He reeks of poverty and his appearance  looked more like a beggar. In my opinion, to me he was practically begging for offering.

Another exciting day on our Lagos public bus.

Isaacola AA

5 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!
    Truly hilarious! Don’t blame
    a man for trying to survive naa!
    Na kondision o! Lols!!!
    All these our preachers sef…smiles


  2. Typical Lagos bus kinda encounter. I pay them no mind. It’s all these stunts they employ to deceive people out of their resources.


  3. And I ask, is it God’s wish that His people perish? Most of these street and bus preachers only preach semi-salvation, the major thing afterwards is more of passing judgment and condemnation on the people they try to bring into the kingdom.
    Whither the message of hope and encouragement???


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