War against War


Picture courtesy of madukovich.wordpress.com


Bloated headless bodies floating on the stream. The tributaries clogged with decomposing corpses. The cities are a shadow of its former self. Men walking like living dead. With sunken eyes and hopeless gait scavenging from the diminishing waste.

Able bodied young men struggling with dogs. Scavenging for a stale loaf of bread from the almost empty dustbin. Withering and withered flesh more of bones and sinewy. With haggard looking men and women, fearfully walking hopelessly. Not knowing where and when the next bomb will explode.

Fear paralyzed populace. More people dying of fear are than those maimed by the shrapnel from the exploding bombs. The tell-tale sign of the degradation in the nationhood was evident everywhere. The perceived distrust and animosity shared between the federating units is so obvious.

The above picture is not something conjured up by an overactive imagination. But the reality of what happens when a nation is in a state of war. Things will change from seemingly peaceful cohabitation to a state of chaos and conflagration in a twinkle of an eye.

For those calling for war, I believe they are either naïve or they don’t really know what they are asking for.

For those asking for war, I believe they are either profiting from disharmony in the land or too young to appreciate the wanton destruction of life and property that happened in the eastern part of the nation during the abortive Biafran war. The human destruction was so much every sane person will cringe just reading about it.

Even if they seems to be too young, methinks Somalia and Rwanda is a quick reminder of what war can do to any nation. That happened just two decades ago. The pictures on the cable network then can send any faint hearted man to early grave or depression.

I do believe in us sitting down and ironing out our so-called differences than clamoring for war. Like my Yoruba folks will say “fire does not recognize the person that started it”.

Like the Yoruba also said “if you have witnessed the devastating destruction caused by thunderstorm, you will never speak lightly of the god of iron”.

Let us all shield our sword. Stop fanning the embers of division and divisive politics. The nation is greater than any of us. The nation is greater than any of our parochial and ethnic agendas. The nation is greater than our personal and collective greed.

It is time to build a great nation friend. Nigeria is our own and we are responsible for making her great again.

Isaacola AA

3 thoughts on “War against War

  1. It’s painful that only when a person has peace within him can he/she accept a message of peace.

    Some religion bear the emblem of peace but are characterised with visible violence, hate, superiority and inferiority complex.

    People of such religion who have been fashioned mentally, emotional and spiritually like that, will hardly receive this message. For them, if it takes a war for you to join them and serve their god as it is written in their book, then let the war come! For them, you either serve their god in their own way or stand a risk of being beheaded, bombed or in summary killed.

    After all, their holy book endorses it as they claim, even if some of them don’t believe it.

    One religion says “love your enemies and wrestle not against them”, the other says “behead your enemies for they are enemies of your god”!

    So bottom line is this “a message of peace can only be accepted by a people of peace”.

    This is not to play down on the fact that anyone can be violent irrespective of which religion he/she has embraces but this mentality of fighting for a god and killing his enemies for him is totally against our collective acceptance and current prevailing consciousness.

    Every human being should be respected, treated with justice or imprisoned if need be but no human has the right to take a life that he/she did not give!


    1. Tolerance is the key!

      Like you said sir, no single human has the right to take another’s life since he or she cannot create one.

      No one is permitted ti to be Judge, interpreter and enforcer of the law. Checks and balances should be in place.

      Any god that suck the blood of its worshipper or their so called enemy isn’t god in the first place.


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