Lazyman (poem) @Isaacsogo


While he was still sleeping, the sky remained dark.
He peeped out of his window, dark it remained.
Every now and then, the darkness gradually disappeared.
Yet, he was still in love with his bed with head rested on the pillow.

The cock crowed and so his sleep was disturbed.
Once again, he looked through the window and hiss;what a disturbance?
After all, it is still dark and not totally a day light.
So, he continued in his business of laziness.

Rolling from one edge of the bed to another.
Not long after, the cloud formed, about to rain.
The smooth blowing air penetrates soothingly through his window and rested on him.
Where does this breeze comes from? He asked.

So, once again, he managed to check out.
He smiled, it is drizzling already.
He bounced back on his bed with rays of laughter.
Now is the time to sleep afresh.

For I know that this rain will make this sleep wonderful.
Again, he wrapped himself in his blanket.
Another journey in the bus of laziness with heavy snoring.
And that is the way of a lazy man!

I will wake up when it stops raining he mused.
Bit by bit, the hours smiled away slowly.
It doesn’t care who is sleeping or who is awake.So far as the day continues to rotate on its axis, it gets no respect for anybody.

When the rain stops, I will arise, he said.
The rain ceased to fall and an effluent radiation of sunlight appeared.
As he arose, he yearned repeatedly saying; ‘this sun is scorching!’
My skin can’t withstand this.

Better I waited till evening.
The eve came slowly with darkness fast approaching.
In a moment, it is dark again and so things are no longer at ease.

This is a bed well-laid beside him.
Better I sleep early to wake up early the next day.
And so another journey of laziness continued.
That is the way of a lazy man!

Don’t wait till the day breaks.
Don’t wait till the sun comes up.
Don’t wait till the evening comes.
For if you don’t wait, success will partner with you.
To a lazy man,early to bed is late to rise.
Arise! Arise!! Arise!!!
Lazy bones.

In these, the lesson is simple:
No season, condition and time is favorable for a lazy man. Nothing work for him. Procrastination sleeps and wake up with him. He love the best but not at his best. You also can keep desiring with a lazy bone,but it won’t work that way until you rise up to work and make it work.


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