Pastoral Diary 6



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Dear diary, I know you will want to know the conclusion of my last posting. The marriage was dissolved. Give it to the young woman. i salute her way of presentation with humility. She presented her facts in such a way that you cannot but be moved by her passion and emotion blend.  She begged that if the marriage which she rightly called a sham should continue. She will be forced into unfaithfulness which draw sharp intake of air and eyebrow raised in a question mark.
I felt really bad for the young woman. She knew how to connect with the men of the cloth. She was subtle in her approach as she pose a question none of the elderly Elders were ready to answer.

‘If I were your daughter, will you advice me to continue to live a celibate life even after three decades? Think twice sirs because it is a delicate issue …’

At the end of the day. Her plea got to the right ears. The man was asked for his opinion before the decision of the Elders will be communicated to them.

‘He said, he loved her and he believe that she was meant for him and he is persuaded that his healing is tied to her staying with him. Blah blah blah….’
The marriage was dissolved mutually albeit reluctantly from the man.
I sighed and file it at the back of mind to always ask intending couple about their sexuality during counseling. Dear diary, I was still in a somber mood when I got a text from one of my mentor. He asked me to join him as the Lord has called him into a full-time ministry.
Deeply in my heart, I knew it was a welcome development since I have had the feelings that my time is up in my present assembly. I remembered that in my morning devotion, I got a strong message impressed in my heart. “You’ve encompassed this mountain for too long, take your journey northward”.
The message begins to make meaning to me. So my time is truly up when I am just settling in into the system and administration of the church. Dear diary, I will be looking forward to hear from God exactly what is the next challenge and how do I go about it.

Pastor XY


6 thoughts on “Pastoral Diary 6

  1. Bravo! I like as the lady presented that imposing question! She’s to the point!
    Kudos pastor, waiting in anticipation to read more from you…


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